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Sponsored projects on Incitement

Sponsored projects on Incitement in May and June

May and June 2020 saw another 7 projects got funded on Incitement. Here’s an overview. Collaboration between NAMA Foundation and Taylor’s Community A big thank you to NAMA Foundation for

Earn a Verified Badge on Incitement

To increase safety and transparency on, on July 15th 2020, Incitement will implement a Verified Badge. In conjunction with the launch of a crowdfunding feature – making Incitement the

Covid-19 relief projects on Incitement

The effects of the Movement Control Order (MCO) mandated by the government in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Malaysia, are grave and far reaching. Incomes and earnings

Incitement Waives All PLatform Fees To Support Vocid-19 Relief Initiatives - Getty Images

Incitement Waives All Platform Fees to Support COVID-19 Relief Initiatives

Incitement Waives Fees For Platform Payments & Managed Services To Support COVID-19 Relief Initiatives Incitement enables nonprofits and other for-purpose organisations to raise donations for humanitarian initiatives during the COVID-19

carbon dioxide emissions

Coronavirus could trigger biggest fall in carbon emissions since World War Two

But experts warn that without structural change, emissions declines caused by coronavirus could be short-lived as economies get back to normal. * Emissions have to peak in 2020 to hit

As coronavirus infects markets, sustainable funds prove their mettle

As coronavirus infects markets, sustainable (ESG) funds are outperforming conventional funds

For years, sustainable investing was viewed with suspicion. Could portfolios that avoided oil and gas companies, tobacco, and other profitable but controversial industries have high enough returns to satisfy investors?

Your 2020 Ethical Guide For Charitable Donations To NGOs and Non-Profits

Your 2020 Ethical Guide To Responsible Charitable Giving To Non-Profits & NGOs

Every holiday season we find ourselves showered with mailed appeals, beseeching phone calls and emotional pleas from Facebook friends seeking support for pet causes. How should we sift through all

corporate social responsibility trends 2020 ngo nonprofit

5 Corporate Social Responsibility Trends in 2020

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Most companies are no longer satisfied with just writing checks to charities or sponsoring events. Now, corporate leaders are

Funding Grant Opportunities 2020 Nonprofit Social Entrepreneur NGO Startup

45 Fully Funded Global Grant & Fellowship Opportunities in 2020 for Social Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Startups & Non-Profit

Are you looking for fully-funded global grant opportunities for non-profits, NGOs, and social enterprises, Fellowships programmes for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs, or funding, accelerator programmes and competitions for your business

10 ways AI could help tackle climate change

Machine learning has the potential to make some real inroads against our biggest threat: climate change. Some of the biggest names in AI research have laid out a road map suggesting how

Packaging Made From Banana Plants: an A-peeling Alternative To Plastic?

Biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags made out of banana plants sounds a bit…bananas, but a couple of UNSW researchers have found a way to do it, and it could solve two industrial waste problems

Solar-Powered Plant in Kenya Gives Drinking Water to 35,000 People a Day

The NGO GivePower created and installed the Solar Water Farm, bringing potable water to Kiunga’s residents. You might not think twice as you reach for a glass and pour some

Digital tech crucial in achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Photo: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (3rd, left) during the official launch of the Malaysia Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit 2019 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre today.Also present Economic

Progress toward sustainable development is seriously off-track

Progress on Sustainable Development Goals is seriously “off-track” says UN Secretary-General

UN Photo/Manuel EliasUN Secretary-General António Guterres at UN Headquarters, New York (2019) The UN Secretary-General is calling on business leaders to use their “enormous influence” to push for inclusive growth

YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Launches Together for SDGs platform

YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Launches platform

The United Nations Agenda 2030 sets out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. Each goal has ambitious targets and if achieved will help arrive at a

United Nations Day 2019 – Support the UN SDGs on Incitement

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the United Nations. On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was created. Every year for the month of October, UNA-USA and its 200+ chapters

Is this the future of motoring?

Imagine the satisfaction of driving your environmentally friendly electric car for 1,500 miles without having to stop to recharge the battery – a distance more than four times as far

Greta Thunberg

How Greta Thunberg and Street Protests Have Changed the Climate Change Debate

From Swedish teens skipping school to picket their parliament, to protesters dousing Wall Street’s iconic “Charging Bull” sculpture with fake blood, citizens are putting themselves at the forefront of the

What transgender children can teach us about the future of work

My husband sent me this text about our daughter while I was attending a luncheon at Davos 2019 on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) inclusion, sponsored by LGBTI

Volunteering in Malaysia in 2019 Volunteer with These Malaysian NGOs

Volunteering In Malaysia in 2019? Volunteer With These Malaysian NGOs

There are many volunteering opportunities in Malaysia where you as a volunteer can put your skills to good use. There are countless of SPOs, NGOs, Nonprofits, and SEs in Malaysia

Tackling Global Sustainability Issues With Digital Technology

We need smart solutions to tackle the global sustainability issues of today. Without digital technology, it is hard for companies to ease their pollution footprint or manage waste. Without a full

This Recyclable Plastic Wrapper Degrades In Water

This Recyclable Plastic Wrapper Degrades In Water

It is estimated that close to 14 billion pounds of trash gets dumped into the ocean every year. Sadly, a lot of it is plastic. The water gets polluted, life

Incitement and Shell Malaysia To Pilot Incitement Social Impact Measurement

Incitement and Shell Malaysia To Pilot Incitement Social Impact Measurement

Shell Malaysia recently awarded financial grants to three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and one social enterprise which will be undertaking sustainable development projects that will benefit communities across Malaysia for the

Top 10 Women NGO Leaders & Social Entrepreneurs Malaysia

10 Women NGO Leaders & Social Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2019 in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are many incredible social entrepreneurs and NGO and nonprofit leaders on a mission to create much needed social change. We hand-picked 10 women who are paving the

10 Malaysian NGOs & Social Enterprises to Watch Out For in 2019

10 Malaysian NGOs & Social Enterprises to Watch Out For in 2019

Whether you’re looking to volunteer, make a charitable donation, or you’re just interested in sustainable development and social impact, these are the Malaysian NGOs and nonprofit projects that should keep