Always desire to learn something useful – Sophocles

It’s changed your perspective for the better, made you feel awesome, get you inspired to do epic things in life; all of these aspects that I mentioned, did any one of you go through these moments?

Incitement, November 23, 2012

In this coming Incitement, we’re bringing Inciters to share their perspective on books that have made them who they are today. Books that changed their lives and probably even helped elevate from darkness to light.

We’re not going to spoil you who’s coming to incite at this coming Incitement but we do have something radical but empowering to share with you and we NEED your energy and anticipation for this ๐Ÿ™‚

Incitement is collaborating with Fugee School, a refugee organization that guides and provides young refugees the platform to learn and have an education.

Co-founder of Fugee School, Deborah Henry

Here’s what we need from you individuals – If you have a book that has transformed your life, a book that helped you shape some perspective of your life or just books that you’re willing to give away, bring them to this Incitement.

If it’s too precious to you, make a photo copy version of them (if you’re alright with that). Heck, even if you have an eBook version, share it on a file with us. We’re collecting these to have donated and share with the children and teenagers from the Fugee School. To them, it will be their greatest gift ever; what more can they ask for when they receive priceless knowledge to get them moved and inspired. It’s the best thing they’ll ever have and only you guys can help us with this.