The Volunteering International Professionals (VIP) Fellowship Programme 2017 is a National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiative, monitored and overseen by the National Strategy Unit (NSU) of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, which aims to develop economic and social wealth in the ASEAN region by developing social impact frameworks for 10 selected nonprofits in the region with the help of 50 professional volunteers, and Incitement as the implementing partner.

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VIP Fellowship Programme – when passion meets momentum

The programme is designed specifically for professionals on career breaks who wish to volunteer in Malaysia and ASEAN. The VIP Fellowship Programme is an initiative by the Malaysian government to create a large pool of talented professionals, who are passionate about sharing their expertise and experiences globally, to contribute towards nation-building as expert volunteers. And for the first time, the VIP Fellowship Programme expanded to ASEAN countries for its 2017 cycle.

This four-month Fellowship offers professionals the opportunity to use their expertise in addressing local Malaysian and regional ASEAN’s most pressing social issues. The programme aims to evoke long-term social change in Malaysia and ASEAN. In order to ensure a successful programme, each volunteer is matched to a placement within the local communities where his/her expert knowledge will have the greatest impact.

VIP 2017 highlights 

In four months time, a total of 10 social impact projects were implemented with the help of 50 international professional volunteers, impacting the lives of 12,840 beneficiaries.

International expert volunteers offered transferable and high value skills, as well as knowledge, to enrich the Malaysian landscape, contributing towards the country’s ambition of being a high-income nation, which directly contributes to increasing the capacity of the ASEAN region. Below is an overview of significant events during the programme.

VIP 2017 key impact numbers

With 12,840 beneficiaries impacted – twice as many as the previous two VIP cycles combined, 2017’s VIP cycle was a meaningful one. Check out the key impact numbers and major outputs of the VIP 2017 Fellowship Programme below.VIP 2017 with Incitement - infographic

Infographic: VIP 2017 at a glance

For a detailed yet simple overview of the VIP Programme, download the infographic here.

VIP 2017 Impact Projects

10 impact projects have been successfully implemented in the 4-month duration of the VIP 2017 Fellowship Programme. Here’s an overview of all the projects.

Keep an eye on our blog, because we’ll be posting each project’s impact story on our blog over the coming weeks.

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