There is incredible synergy between blockchain and social conscience. Among other things, Blockchain provides infallible traceability of records and notes from the origin to the destination or final recipient, often a nonprofit organisation or beneficiary. Thus, a correct application of this characteristic, applied within the CSR, provides the consumer with the tranquility and trust that the products acquired do not come from illegal operations, such as contraband petroleum, wood, diamonds or any other raw material. In the far-reaching database, any information can be incorporated—something as tangible as hours of work. Therefore, wouldn’t it be a perfect tool to dispel questions or doubts about best business practices?

In his talk at TEDxBangaloreSalon, Zikry Kholil explains how the blockchain can be leveraged to improve the overall transparency, reliability, and measurability of the rapidly growing sector of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Watch’s Zikry’s talk TEDxBangaloreSalone below

Zikry Kholil on Corporate Social Responsibility and the blockchain for more social impact

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