The past few weeks have been busy for Incitement’s project manager Fai and her team of Liter of Light engineers. Two builds were scheduled to take place in the weekend of 28-29 September, and preparations to build and install a total of 120 solar powered lights for two villages have been in full drive.

Lighting up Kampung Batu 23 with KWAP

For this build, KWAP and Liter of Light Malaysia traveled to Kampung Batu 23, a small village with 25 houses which is located a 4-hour drive from KL.

The 40-man strong KWAP team built and installed 60 solar powered lights, effectively uplifting the lives of 140 villagers.

Of course, without durability it wouldn’t be sustainable. That’s why the volunteers showed the villagers how the maintain the lights and how to replace the batteries when the solar powered lights need to be serviced after 4 years of giving light (as seen on the right).

Thank you KWAP for lighting up this village!

Also thanks to Epic Homes for providing the venue for building the lights.

Lighting up Kampung Gong with Prokhas

Another 4-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur is Kampong Gong in Gambang. For this build, Liter of Light collaborated with Prokhas, which rounded up a team of 40 company volunteers.

Prekhas liter of light infographic

The Prokhas team built and installed 60 solar-powered lights, lighting up the lives of 140 villagers. Leaving early in the morning, the team came back late at night after having powered up the entire village with solar lights.

By providing cost-effective, solar-powered lights to underprivileged communities in Malaysia who have no access to electricity, such as Kampung Gong, Prokhas was able to make a huge difference in the lives of 300 people who didn’t have access to light at night.

Thank you Prokhas for lighting up this village!

Also thanks to Me.Reka Makerspace for providing the venue for building the lights.

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