Providing Solar Electricity For Rural Communities

Liter of Light Malaysia is on a roll. Incitement‘s project manager Fai and her team of engineers is keeping busy and started the new year strong, with another build that took place last weekend (19-20 Januari).

Lighting up Kampung Pos Sinderut with Experian

For this build, Liter of Light Malaysia and Experian Malaysia – with its 40-man strong corporate volunteering team – traveled with four-wheel drives to Kampung Pos Sinderut in Raub, Pahang. Located a 5-hour drive from KL, Kampung Pos Sinderut is a small village consisting of 40 houses with approximately 250 villagers inhabiting them.

60 solar powered lights built by the Experian team, waiting to be installed.

The 40-man strong Experian team built and installed 60 solar powered lights, effectively lighting up the lives of 250 villagers.

Experian Liter of Light build

Sustainable impact through Corporate Social Responsibility

Thank you Experian Malaysia for lighting up this village! Thanks to your CSR initiative, 250 villagers no longer have to live in darkness after the sun sets.

Experian liter of light volunteers fixing a light
Experian team repairing a solar light that malfunctioned during the installation.

Also thanks to Epic the Collective for providing the venue for building the lights.

Team up with Liter of Light

A strategic alliance with Incitement and Liter of Light Malaysia will boost your sales, increase your team’s morale, and strengthen your company’s Brand, all while delivering sustainable impact.

This was the 45th village that was lit up through a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative like this collaboration between Experian and Liter of Light.

Your Brand can power up the 46th village. Work with us and strengthen your brand by creating awareness and buzz around your CSR initiative. Click here to get involved with Liter of Light.