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The effects of the Movement Control Order (MCO) mandated by the government in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Malaysia, are grave and far reaching. Incomes and earnings have plummeted, and there will be losses for every citizen. The B40 and M40 groups are hit the hardest, and assistance is much-needed to alleviate their hardship.

With the government only being able to do so much in terms of aid for these groups, we are thankful to see corporates stepping up to the plate and providing essential support for those who are most affected by the MCO and Covid-19. In this post, we highlight four Covid-19 relief projects that teamed up with corporates on Incitement to amplify and give extra focus to their impact.

Note: In an effort to further support both front-liners fighting the virus and marginalised communities most affected by movement restrictions, Incitement is waiving all its platform fees and fees for managed services for Covid-19 related relief initiatives. Read more here.

Incitement has also partnered with MDEC’s Covid-19 campaign in collaboration with Global Sadaqah. MDEC calls upon all tech companies in Malaysia to join this national campaign to help support all those who are battling the Covid-19 crisis in the front-lines. Doctors, nurses, aid Workers, and all those involved in the medical field have to face extremely dangerous and life threatening situations. Our help, support, and the knowledge that the nation stands strongly behind them will be an immense positive boost for them. Your donations to this campaign will help IMARET purchase and distribute the following to the front-liners battling Covid-19. To support this campaign, go to MDEC’s Incitement Page or Global Sadaqah’s Incitement Page.

Collaboration between NAMA Foundation and Taylor’s Community

Thank you @NAMA Foundation for funding not one, not two,  but three COVID19 relief projects by Taylor’s Community, who, through their projects, is providing much needed relief for those most affected by COVID19 and the (C)MCO in Malaysia. Have a look at these three projects that NAMA Foundation and Taylor’s are currently collaborating on.

Covid-19 B40 Relief
The COVID19 B40 relief project by Taylor’s identified a rise in mental stress amongst their beneficiaries, while concluding at the same time that they lack essential groceries to help get them through this crisis. Therefore, the aim of this project is to run online stress relief and emotional expressive activities with women and children while rewarding them groceries.

COVID19 relief project by Taylor's funded by NAMA

Give back through Education
Give back through Education identified the top 2 needs among B40 entrepreneurs which includes groceries and business development. Thus, this project aims to provide online business development classes and groceries as prizes for the participants.

COVID19 relief project by Taylor's funded by NAMA

Give back with Impact
Noticing the mental stress among its beneficiaries, Give back with Impact aims at providing online stress relief and emotional expressive activities with women and children while rewarding them with groceries.

COVID19 relief project by Taylor's funded by NAMA

Food Aids Project By KeBaT

Through Food Aids Project, which was sponsored by Nestlé, KeBaT is trying to help communities B40 and undocumented people in Sabah by providing food packs during the Restricted Movement Control Order (RMCO). During this RMCO, many of the local people from B40 and undocumented marginalised communities were affected. Most of them cannot do their usual work. They rely on their daily income basis. If they don’t work, they will not get their income for that particular day. Some of them are single mothers, widows, and those who works at a small shop. During this RMO all the shops except the essential ones were ordered to close temporarily. This left them with no income at all for them to sustain their daily livings.

This project by KeBat will definitely help to alleviate and ease the burden faced by these communities, especially during this crucial period. Their goal is to help more than 450 families in Sabah.

SERUM Initiative

SERUM Iniative was started with the aim of providing sanitisers and face masks for the underserved communities such as urban poor and refugees. After providing 327 hand sanitisers for 287 families during April, SERUM received an increasing demand from the NGOs and social enterprises in Malaysia as the communities they are serving are in need of these supplies, fearing that there would be an increase of COVID19 outspread across the dense populations with inadequate access of healthcare supplies. Seeing that there is a dire need for this, SERUM gathered a team to scale up the SERUM initiative, to serve more communities and making a bigger impact.

Inaccessibility of healthcare supplies among underserved communities (urban poor and refugees) causes a risk in COVID19 outspread. Every RM10 of donation will allow SERUM to provide 1 bottle of 50ml hand sanitiser and 5 face masks for the communities. Village Grocer stepped up tho the plate with an in-kind donation that will enable SERUM to provide 1 bottle of 50ml hand sanitiser and 5 face masks for the communities they are trying to help.

Liter of Light #50

Liter of Light is a cost-effective, open-source technology that is actively implemented in 29 countries, of which Malaysia, run by Incitement, is the 2nd largest chapter worldwide. Liter of Light #50, which was sponsored by Prudential BSN Takaful, aims to build and install solar powered street lights at a village in Pahang. The village lacks access to basic necessities such as electricity and the lives of its residents will greatly benefit by installing the solar powered lights. With the mission to eradicate the energy poverty in Malaysia, Liter of Light Malaysia continues to increase access to energy for under privileged communities in the country, especially in areas where the need is great.

Help Sustainably during MCO

Takaful Malaysia and Taylor's Community on Incitement for Covid-19 reliefHelp Sustainably during MCO is a project by Taylor’s Community, that focused on disbursing much-needed essential goods to B40 communities who are struggling to make ends meet due to the MCO.  Adhering to their brand promise “We protect. We care. We share“, Takaful Malaysia stepped up to the plate and partnered with Taylor’s on this initiative, which intertwined artistic skills and creativity through art apart from strengthening family bonds via an e-Learning module.

Through an online module created by Taylor’s, participants were asked to create 3 posters that depict scenarios of Protecting, Caring and Sharing within their family in order to win essential goods worth RM100 each.

“It’s such a refreshing activity for our family. My son is now in year 6 and this activity helped him relax while preparing for his UPSR, especially during MCO”, said one of the top 10 winners, a mother of two. “I am thankful for the family bonding time over this activity!”

After receiving an overwhelming response, 70 families were awarded with groceries and stationery items for their inspiring artworks.

A Covid-19 relief project by Taylor's Community and Takaful Malaysia
Beneficiaries of Food without Borders


Food without Borders

Fusionex International and Masala Wheels on Incitement for Covid-19 reliefThis “Pay It Forward” social initiative by Masala Wheels started with a local university requesting their help to contribute meals for stranded students on campus, because most of them are from B40 families. After quickly raising 240 meals for the students via social media, Masala Wheels decided to scale and launched the Food without Borders initiative, using a “pay forward” system.

Food without Borders aims to provide decent meals to the people in need during the MCO. By teaming up with Fusionex International as well as other contributors, Masala Wheels has been able to provide many meals to their beneficiaries. For an overview of the impact thus far created through Food without Borders, click here.

Masala Wheels - Food without Borders - social project - COVID19 relief

Beneficiaries of Food without Borders

Emergency COVID19 Food Pack

Fraser & Neave and TAZ on Incitement for Covid-19 reliefEmergency COVID19 Food Pack is a project by Pertubuhan Al Taaf Ziadah (ATZ), focused on helping families from the B40 group affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of their Emergency Covid-19 Food Packs, a total of 633 families from across Malaysia have received rice, cooked food pouches- meats, spices, biscuits, cooking oil, salt, sugar, tea premix and uht milk to help them sustain during the MCO. Each food pack can last food packs can last for about 2 weeks per family.

Emergency COVID19 Food Pack, a COVID19 social project sponsored by Fraser & Neave
Beneficiaries of Emergency Covid-19 Food Pack


Project PPE Gear

Fusionex International and Batik Boutique on Incitement for Covid-19 reliefBatik Boutique (BB) had been operating a Sewing Centre to provide livelihood for B40 women in Kota Damansara area over the last few years, but due to the MCO in Malaysia, the Sewing Centre and all BB outlets had to be closed. Realising that it is essential to continue to provide work and income for those from B40 group who do not have savings to live and support their families, Batik Boutique decided to offer its expertise in sewing through Project PPE Gear (PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment).

Due to the limited availability of ready made PPE gear, many doctors, nurses and frontline medical staff are trying to source and make their own. This happens at a slow rate because they do not have skill sets or equipment accessible. Additionally, people are volunteering to sew from their homes. Batik Boutique, having an industrial cutter and skilled tailors who are ready and willing to help, can produce at a faster rate than the home seamstresses. At the same time, BB can do its part to meet the need of those on the frontlines fighting Covid-19.

Fusionex International, in realising the necessity of this project, sponsored the manufacturing of these protective gears for medical front-liners in Malaysia.

Team Batik Boutique delivering protective PPE Gear to help the front-liners battling Covid-19
The Batik Boutique team doing a delivery of 300 PPE sets to Hospital Selayang.


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