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Incitement Verified Badge

To increase safety and transparency on www.theincitement.com, on July 15th 2020, Incitement will implement a Verified Badge.

In conjunction with the launch of a crowdfunding feature – making Incitement the first platform to offer both corporate donation features AND public crowdfunding donation features – we are launching a verified badge to better inform contributors about the causes they are donating to.

Incitement is committed to creating a safe and transparent environment for its users, and to ensure that contributors are well-informed when they make their donation, we now offer causes and other organisations on Incitement to verify their organisation and earn the famous “blue tick” verified badge.

You can read the full eligibility requirements here, but in summary: verified badges are available for registered organisations only.

» To apply for a Verified Badge go here

This means that registered and/or legally incorporated organisations on Incitement – such as non-profits, social enterprises, and other for-purpose organisations – can now receive a verified badge on their page and its projects to indicate to contributors, volunteers, and other platform users that your organisation has been verified by Incitement.

Verified badges help our platform users more easily find causes and project to support. A verified badge is a check that appears on Incitement pages and projects. It means Incitement has confirmed that a page is the authentic presence of the organisation it represents. The verified badge is a sign of trust towards potential donors and will increase your chances of getting funded.

To request a verified badge on your page and projects, you must be a registered and legally incorporated organisation and meet certain Project Creator & Eligibility Requirements.

If your account is not eligible for a verified badge, there are other ways to let people know you’re authentic. For example, you can link to your Incitement account from your official website, Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter account. You will still be able to use Incitement for fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and use all other platform features.

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