There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us.

And though the pandemic has done significant damage, it has also taught us some important lessons that we will all bring with us for the rest of our lives.

It has taught us to value time and be thankful for what we have.

It has taught us not to take even our most basic needs and rights for granted.

Such as our health and well-being, Mother Nature, and even something as basic as our freedom.

Throughout the global lockdown, we’ve learned to concentrate more on living in the moment and to care for each other.

In 2021 let’s make an effort to also care for those who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

Here’s 5 things you can do as volunteer to better help those who are less fortunate then you.

1. Participate in a healthcare initiative to assist others in living a healthy lifestyle

There are millions of people in various parts of the world who lack access to adequate medical care.

People living in rural areas in developing countries are often not treated at all when they fall ill because there are few doctors available.

As a medical volunteer, you’ll have the chance to work in remote hospitals or healthcare facilities with insufficient resources and only one doctor to care for all of the patients.

2. Travel responsibly and be good to Mother Nature

Our beaches are being over-polluted as a result of a dramatic rise in footfall in coastal destinations, and the wildlife along the shores is suffering greatly.

Too frequently plastic waste is dumper into the sea, endangering marine life.

Jungles are being destroyed in other areas to make way for hotels and resorts.

A changing climate is causing corals to die and animal life to suffer.

You can already help by NOT hurting Mother Nature as you start traveling in 2021 again. You can also educate your fellow travellers on the topic.

You may also volunteer for a conservation initiative and actively engage in animal care, tree planting, and other activities.

3. Dedicate yourself to a cause.

We can only offer our best when we are enthusiastic about our work.

If you enjoy being around children, consider volunteering for a childcare project in one of the developing countries and spending quality time with them.

You will not only have the opportunity to care for, teach, and play with them, but you will also have the opportunity to experience the true definition of unconditional love. The majority of the children in childcare centres are orphans or have single parents. They are victims of circumstance, living a life they do not deserve. For them, a volunteer is nothing short of a messiah, and you’ll only realise how much your actions mean to them once you’re there.

When most people around you are whining about what they don’t have and how depressed their lives seem to be in the new year, you take the lead and encourage them to stop moaning and start doing something that will help them embark on both an inner and an outward path. Don’t just work for the sake of working; instead, consider whether your efforts are having a positive effect.

4. Use digital volunteering platforms and offer your skills online

If you’re thinking to yourself, how can I volunteer during a lockdown? Or when it’s hard to travel?

Check out volunteering platforms like Incitement.

You can find 100s of charities and causes all over the world and apply & collaborate with the charity completely digital.

Charities all around the world got hit bad in 2020, causing a major setback in the way they can help their beneficiaries.

Maybe you’re a designer? Or a digital marketer? Or a teacher or coach? There’s always a way to help!

We suggest you check out and invite any charities you know to the platform as well.

5. Reach out to a friend who has lost their home or job

Everyone has been affected by the shock of 2020. Everyone.

It’s very likely that people around you have lost their job or even their home. Why not give them a friendly call?

Depression is one of the leading mental illnesses around the world, impacting millions. Often without us realising it!

During the pandemic, many have lost their jobs and livelihoods, which can trigger depression and anxiety.

Reach out to a friend who you know has been impacted. Give them a friendly call and ask them if there’s anything you can do to help.