What was popular last year for CSR in Malaysia?

Corporate social responsibility is slowly but surely being embraced in Malaysia.Organisations seek to get more involved with environment, society, and governance.In search for a meaningful contribution to the world as an integral part of their business. Companies look for employee engagement and corporate citizenship programs as a way to engage their staff in CSR initiatives.We’ve reviewed what were some of the most popular CSR activities in Malaysia last year.Maybe they serve as inspiration for your next CSR project 😉

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1. Baking class for the elderly

Baking, believe it or not, has been shown in research to be a useful treatment for reducing stress, calming dementia patients, and alleviating depression.Dementia causes elderly people to lose their appetite and find it difficult to digest food at mealtimes. Baking sessions offer a strong stimulus to their senses, such as the texture of the flour, the sound of the mixer, the scent of the icing flakes, and the appealing sight of the finished product, all of which help to increase their appetite.

2. Environmental Clean-up

Isn’t it true that we all want to live in a healthy and secure environment? The climate has always been changing and it will always keep changing.It is in our best interest to cultivate a healthy relationship with nature, rather than imposing our addiction to growth on it (just like we do with our economy).

Nature isn’t an infinite resource for us to exploit. It’s a beautiful and fragile ecosystem we should love and nurture. Cleaning up a beach, park, river, or highway may be one of a company’s top CSR activities in 2021.

3. Art & Craft Classes for the disabled

How many times have we seen people with disabilities begging for money on the streets or slouching in restaurants without adequate help and care? It is clear that they lack the basic motor skills required to fight for survival, and as a result, they have been unable to find work that will enable them to live a normal life.

Companies could help by hosting art and craft classes for them on a regular basis as part of dedicated CSR programmes.

They will be able to eventually learn a trade and gain money as a result of this programme. It’s not unusual to see creative people with disabilities excel with their artistic abilities.

4. Setting up environmental-friendly corporate policies

One of the best CSR practises that will help the organisation greatly is developing effective corporate policies to protect the environment. Reduced paper use, recycling bins in the offices, and the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs may all help to reduce environmental impact while also lowering company costs.

The impact our organisation has on the environment should always be on the minds of business owners because it is one valuable way for companies to function ethically and with minimum environmental impact.

5. Cookie Decoration for Kids with Disability

Every child should have enough opportunities to demonstrate their talent and imagination. This is especially valid for children with special needs. There are many instances around the world where families abandon children with disabilities such as Down syndrome.

Knowing that a child without family care is left to fend for himself or herself is particularly heartbreaking.As a result, orphanages take care of these unfortunate souls and provide them with the bare minimum of assistance and care.

The five CSR activities mentioned above can be your ticket to a better future, not just for Malaysia, but for the entire world. There is still much work to be done and commitment to be put into the cause, but as long as we keep CSR in mind, we can be confident of a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations.