Since its inception in 2011, Incitement has helped 100s of charities raise millions in donations to help drive social and environmental impact together. With the help of its ecosystem of corporate partners, individual donors, and supporters Incitement is committed to providing pragmatic and hands-on technology-enabled sustainability solutions to help companies achieve their sustainability goals and its charity partner be more efficient and effective in their mission to help the world.

Over the years, Incitement is proud to have worked with global brands such as Pepsico, FedEx, L’Oreal, Cummins, BP, Shell, CIMB, HSBC, SBM Offshore, SWIFT, AEON, Experian, Bion, Eppendorf, Al Rahji Bank, and Nestlé, as well as government ministries and agencies, and leading local companies such as Hap Seng, F&N, Mah Singh, Fave, AsiaWorks, TuneTalk, Maybank, Bank Negara, PIKOM, TheNoor, Milieu, and many more. Together, we were able to raise support for local and regional charity organizations, raise awareness for their causes, and help marginalised communities and people in need.

In an increasingly digital world, which was accelerated by the recent years of global crisis, Incitement recognized the need to adopt a digital-first approach to continue serving its charity partners in the best way possible. Leading big-data technology provider Fusionex, too, recognized this need ahead of its time, and saw an opportunity in supporting the growth of Incitement through its ecosystem of corporate clientele, its technical expertise, and big-data insights platforms. As a result, Incitement has joined the Fusionex network and with its continued support, Incitement has been able to re-imagine the traditional charitable giving experience and make it more engaging and meaningful for its customers through a unique set of features such as its charity crowdfunding platform, partner- and influencer platform, embedded donations platform, and more.

Today, Fusionex and Incitement continue to be closely aligned and share the same vision to further drive social impact through technology and innovation. Together, they will build on their shared values and drive innovation, build new business models, and accelerate societal and environmental impact. Together, we hope to reach new heights by creating new opportunities for social impact and more meaningful corporate social responsibility as well as charitable giving.

Incitement’s corporate partners, charity partners, individual donors, and other supporters can continue to look forward to more robust technology to support them in their charitable missions, more unique innovations to drive engagement and more invigorated and meaningful experiences for our charities, partners, and our customers, all while leveraging Fusionex’s powerful data capabilities, deep insights, and next-generation technology solutions. Together, we can build a better and more inclusive future for everyone, one digital innovation at a time.

Incitement is grateful to its technology partner Fusionex for its support and guidance throughout the journey of digital transformation. It has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to many more years of collaboration to create impactful social and corporate good.