You get your tax-receipt booklet each year. It has a sequence of numbers unique to your organisation. You manually write these tax-exemption receipts, scan them to generate a soft copy, and then email them one by one to the respective donor.

Issuing tax-exemption receipts is a manual and repetitive process. And if you receive many donations, this process can take up a significant chunk of your Finance department’s time. At Incitement, we not only want to help your charity raise additional funds, but also help you save costs. For example, by automating tasks that would otherwise take up your valuable time.

We offer many tools for this, such as collaborative project management tools that make it easy to work together with your team members, volunteers, and sponsors. You can make use of volunteer recruitment and volunteer management tool to make it easier to attract and manage volunteers. The latest addition to the suite of tools for charities on Incitement is free up your time issuing tax-exemption receipt, to make donor management easier and less time-consuming. Here’s how it works.

Easily Issue Tax-Exemption Receipts To Donors

If your charity has tax-exempt status under sub-section 44 (6) of Income Tax Act 1967 and are therefore eligible as per relevant authorities, you can enable the tax-exemption feature on your fundraisers simply by toggling a button.

how to enable tax exemption receipts

Once enabled, donors to your charity will be able to indicate that they would like to receive a tax-exemption receipt for their donation. If they do, they’ll be required to submit additional details such as their full name and address, so that your organisation can comply with necessary regulations when issuing the tax-exemption receipt to the donor.

Please take note of Incitement’s Term of Use, section 4.1 Tax Exemption to understand your rights with regards to issuing tax-exemption receipts to donors on Incitement.

You Can Now Bulk-Issue Tax-Exemption Receipts!

Issuing tax-exemption receipts has never been easier. Simply produce the receipt the same way you normally do, upload as many as 10 receipts as once, and click ‘Issue receipts’ to bulk-issue the receipts. The receives an email and platform notification with a download link to their tax-exemption receipt. Easy as that!

how to issue tax exemption receipts

Requesting a tax-exemption receipt as a donor is easy-peasy, too! Simply toggle the button to indicate you want to receive the tax-receipt, and provide the required details.

Should you require any additional information from the donor, you can simply click the message icon next to the donor’s name. You can private message each donor, and you’ll have all of your conversations nicely centralized directly in your project inbox.

Unfortunately, due to most local regulations, the process of issuing tax-exemption receipts cannot be fully automated (yet!) due to the unique serial number requirements by local authorities. But rest assured, we’re always working on improving the platform. So if you have any suggestions or feature requests, be sure to let us know!

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