Julian Hyde is the General Manager at Reef Check Malaysia. An NGO that works towards sustainable management of coral reefs in Malaysia. We bring together stakeholders to collaborate on coral reef monitoring, management, research and conservation, and advocacy.

Reef Check Malaysia monitors the health of coral reefs at over 200 sites every year. We are based on 3 islands in Malaysia working on community projects to conserve our marine resources.

Coral reefs are ecologically important and economically valuable marine ecosystems. They provide food, employment, and coastal protection to communities around the world.

Julian is British but has been living overseas since 1992. He is a scientist by training, with a degree in Biochemistry. He worked for over 10 years as a management consultant, including six years in Russia managing a variety of environmental consulting programmes. He moved to Malaysia in 1999, initially managing an environmental consulting company in KL before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre – which is how he became involved with Reef Check Malaysia.

Enjoy this #ITMATTERS interview with Julian Hyde of Reef Check Malaysia.

Donate to Reef Check Malaysia here: https://www.theincitement.com/project/477