Members on Incitement who create content, are now awarded Purpose Points for doing so.

As a charity, this means you can generate donation revenue by creating content on Incitement.

As a donor, this means you can support the causes you care about simply be being an active  member and donating points you earn to charity.

Raise donations by creating content

We are introducing a reward program that will allow community members to earn Purpose Points for sharing great content.

From charities, to donors, to brands, to volunteers, all our creators drive so much of the passion behind the Incitement community. As we continue building powerful tools like recurring donation features, live stream platforms, impact reporting, and more, we also want to reward content creators, especially those who are delivering high value for their community!

Introduction Purpose Points Rewards

In an effort to create a more transparent, accountable, and lively and engaging donation environment, members who contribute to their community are rewarded with Purpose Points.

For example:

– Share the impact of donations on your charity profile

– Help create awareness for charity by sharing their work on your profile

– Upload video content of your volunteering work on your profile

The first rewards opportunities on Incitement available to everyone right now, helps charities earn more donation revenue during these times of crisis. Any platform users can create content and donate their earnings to charity!

Donors earn 10 Purpose Points for each post created, and charities earn 100 Purpose Points for each unique peace of content.

How it works? Sign up today


1. Go to and register your free account.

2. Start posting content on your personal profile to earn Purpose Points which you can donate to charity

3. Or list your charity and create content on your charity page to earn Purpose Points which are awarded to your charity profile

The Purpose Points are credited to your charity profile, and can be used to donate to any fundraiser.

Simply create a post and you’ll receive a notification that you’ve been awarded Purpose Points!

More rewards to come

This investment is a CSR effort by Incitement to help charities generate more sustainable donation revenue, and provides alternative creative ways of doing so. Right now you can earn Purpose Points for posting content, over the next few months you’ll also be able to earn points for:

– Inviting your network to the platform

– Donating

– Volunteering

– And much more…

We’ll share more details on the rewards programs as they become available.