YOKUK has successfully introduced and attracted disabled people in Kelantan to join and undergo weekly Hippotherapy session at thei centre. From the year they started the programme in 2005 up to now, they have 550 clients registered under our YOKUK Hippotherapy programme.

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#ITMATTERS interview with Datin Suliana Shamsuddin of YOKUK

They are individual clients registered with YOKUK by their parents or caregivers or the students from special class or rehabilitation centres in Kelantan. YOKUK is the pioneer and the only centre providing FREE Hippotherapy services in Kelantan as well as the organizer for Hippotherapy workshop for the last 16 years. Hippotherapy is one of the proven therapy types for the rehabilitation process.

Therefore, YOKUK’s main objective is to maintain and increase the awareness of this service among the disabled people, their caregivers as well as public and maintain our horses for longer term. YOKUK has received a lot of good feedback and responses from the parents and caregivers about the improvement of their child after they undergo hippotherapy.Since Hippotherapy became its core therapy in YOKUK, they are now planning to sustain the Hippotherapy Programme at YOKUK centre for as long as they can to help more YOKUK clients who are in need of the therapy.