The season for acts of charity is incumbent upon Muslims all year round, but during Ramadan and in the last 10 days of the holy month charitable giving is especially important. Laylatul Qadr occurs during one of the last ten night and any good deed, worship practice, or act of charity is rewarded times 83 years.

There are many worthwhile charitable causes in Malaysia that could really use your support. Especially after two years of global crisis, charities have been struggling to raise the donations they need and serve the growing number of beneficiaries. We hope you find the kindness in your heart to support these charities. The needs are so great, and every little bit helps.

In Ramadan This Year Donate To These 9 Malaysian Charities

1. Pintar Foundation

PINTAR has vast experience in developing and managing the PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU) Programme since 2009. Our past PMLU units run during the three school terms, visiting PINTAR schools and reaching out to at least 50,000 students throughout Peninsular Malaysia. So far, the PMLU has not been introduced to schools in East Malaysia.

PMLU is a customized vehicle fitted with various educational tools that serve to reach out to students by taking knowledge to them. The PMLU program aims to encourage exploratory learning and creative thinking through modern and innovative methods and promote curiosity & intelligence and instill good values.

2. Global Environment Centre

Global Environment Centre is a non-profit organisation works to support the protection of the environment and sustainable use of the natural resources to meet local, regional and global needs, through strategic partnerships with communities and like-minded organisations.

This fundraiser aims to regenerate degraded mangrove areas in Johor and Perak via planting mangrove saplings, establishing mangrove nursery, empowering communities leading to improved livelihood and enrich their natural environment.

3. Great Heart Charity Association

Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is a tax-exempted, non-profit charity association in Malaysia. They aim to provide assistance to our beneficiaries in the form of financial and in-kind aid.

Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) shows support and concern for individuals or families who need assistance during the pandemic and economic uncertainties. GHCA provides eligible applicants from B40 families with financial aid or in-kind support to ease their burden.

4. National Cancer Society Malaysia

National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1966 providing education, care & support services for people affected by cancer.

Support the children with cancer and their caregivers to stay at our halfway home at free of charge during their treatment in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. These include free accommodation, food, transport, laundry, psycho-social support and counselling.

5. Yayasan Chow Kit

Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of children in and around the Chow Kit area. They run two drop in centres in Chow Kit and a safe home for children in need of temporary guardianship.

“Madhya’s Gift” is a new fund, set up to ensure that critically ill children in Malaysia can access quality and equitable medical care in time. Cooperating with various entities in the healthcare industry, they secure aid to infants that need it most.

6. Reef Check Malaysia

Reef Check Malaysia is a non-profit organisation registered in Malaysia since 2007, working to conserve coral reefs. They have 16 staff, most of whom are based at Tioman, Mantanani, and Mersing where they lead long term community programmes.

This fundraisers aims to train local islanders to rehabilitate coral reefs damaged by storms or human impacts around Tioman Island, Pahang and Mantanani Island, Sabah.

7. The National Autism Society of Malaysia

NASOM is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation formed in 1986. NASOM’s mission is to advocate for the rights of people on the autism spectrum and provide opportunities for them to learn and lead productive and fulfilling life.

The key objective of this project is to provide residential and learning facilities for teenagers and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Set up in 1967 PERTIWI was then focused on the betterment of women and children in education. In 2010 PERTIWI Soup Kitchen was launched to provide free meals and other assistance to the homeless and urban poor to help them become financially stable.

PERTWI Soup Kitchen which was launched in March 2010, is a community outreach project managed by PERTIWI, to provide free meals on a regular basis to he homeless and poor at various locations.

9. myHarapan

myHarapan, is dedicated towards empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building efforts.

How can you continue to support the communities that help those affected by recent floods? Your small donation can keep the community providing aid, replenishing supplies & gaining new volunteers. No amount or effort is too small.

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