Through our newly launched Partner Program, Incitement hopes to unite influencers, content creators, bloggers, students, volunteers, and any other type of affiliate marketer around the causes they love and rally their audiences to donate to the charities the care about most.

Affiliate marketing program for Charities - Incitement partner program

In this post, we’ll be exploring your Partner Program dashboard and the tools you have at your disposal for promoting the causes you love and measuring your performance. Your dashboard offers a wide range of tools to help affiliates promote charity projects, such as embed widgets, social sharing tools, reporting tools, and more!

Let’s get the basics down first…

This is your Partner Program dashboard

Incitement Partner Program dashboard 1
In this overview, you’ll see a snapshot of your performance to date. You can see how many Pageviews you referred, how many donations you’ve generated, the amount of donation revenue you’ve generated, the amount of referral commissions you’ve generated, and the conversion rate for the visitors that you have referred to Incitement. You can also see which of the referral links that you promoted, is the most popular one amongst your audience.

If you scroll down in your dashboard, you’ll be able to see this same data for different periods. For example, you can see your performance over the last 7 days, the last 3 months, or the past year.

Incitement Partner Program dashboard 2

Next up, we’re exploring the “Promote” tab in your Partner Program dashboard, to see which tools are at your disposal to start promoting charities on Incitement.

ht1 - Incitement Partner Program

Get your unique partner code

On the right side, you’ll find your unique referred code. Note that you can append this code to any URL on Incitement. For example, you can send visitors to Incitement’s home page, to a charity, of to a fundraiser, simply by appending your unique referral code at the end of any Incitement URL.

Get support

Directly below, you’ll find options for support. Browse our extensive knowledgebase to learn more about our Partner Program and reach out for support if needed.

Filter on impact area

On the left-side, you can filter for impact areas that you’re most interested in. For example, if you have an Instagram page focused around the topic of education, you’ll likely want to promote causes close to that topic to create the most affinity with your audience.

You’ll find these same impact areas when exploring fundraisers on Incitement. Check it out if you haven’t already.

View the fundraiser on Incitement

You can easily check out the charity and their fundraisers by going to their respective pages on Incitement.

ht2 - Incitement Partner Program

Promote a fundraiser

Once you’ve found a fundraiser that aligns with you and your audience, click the “Promote this project” button to toggle available options for promotion. You can choose to copy a direct link to the fundraiser that contains your referral link, or place a widget on your website. You can also share directly to popular social networks or email.

ht3 - Incitement Partner Program

Happy fundraising 🙂

Now you can start promoting the causes you love while earning referral commissions. But how do you establish the necessary emotional connection to get people to donate? To help you do this, we’ve listed some content posting guidelines that will help you in succesfully promoting your preferred charities. Read the article here.