Today we feature PINTAR Foundation, which is the short form of ‘promoting intelligence, nurturing talent, and advocating responsibility’. These are very important attributes for developing Malaysia, and of course every child has the right to achieve these things thanks to generous donations.

Let’s Start With a Brief Overview of the Program

PINTAR strives to foster those values through academic, and non-academic excellence. But it focuses particularly on disadvantaged communities across the face of Malaysia. Moreover, it strives to achieve this by networking with private corporations, government listed companies, non-government organizations, the Malaysia government and others able to donate.


However, those organizations’ involvement ideally extends beyond making single donations. That’s because PINTAR hopes to inspire their employees to voluntarily involve themselves in its programs, and make meaningful donations of their own.

Donate and Support These Practical Examples of PINTAR in Action

PINTAR PINTAR has made its contribution throughout the education sphere since 2009, and in a wide variety of ways after engagement with parents and teachers. All these interventions flow out of four essential core modules:

  • Educational Support Program
  • Capability and Capacity Building
  • Motivational & Teambuilding Program
  • Reducing Vulnerabilities and Social Issues.

PINTAR mobile learning units deliver these services throughout the Malaysia peninsula, visiting schools and reaching out to tens of thousands of students. They hope to reach out to East Malaysia too. Perhaps you might be able to donate.

The Incitement is hosting a project to fund a further outreach vehicle. HSBC Malaysia has vetted the project and partnered with PINTAR. It will add 1% to your donation if you pay with their branded credit card. Is this a program you feel a call to support?

Vision, Mission and Values at PINTAR


PINTAR wants to inspire the emerging generation to become responsible citizens. It strives to do so through promoting intelligence, nurturing talent and advocating responsibility within the following framework:


PINTAR aims to move towards this goal in partnership with the organizations we mentioned. And thereby to nurture the motivation and success of students at underperforming schools through education. This is in line with the national aspiration to develop human capital, adequately prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


All involved at PINTAR share a set of common values. These serve as their guiding light during internal engagements, as well as engagements with key stakeholders.

  • Respect, Integrity, Passion, Commitment
  • Collaboration, Trust, and Teamwork

PINTAR’s National Programs of Action

The PINTAR Foundation designs, implements, manages, monitors and funds programs in conjunction with other stakeholders. These are fun, and practical initiatives within the three doctrines of promoting intelligence, nurturing talent, and advocating responsibility.

They aim to equip students with necessary skills to become all-rounders. And they do so by encouraging good moral values, and developing leadership, communication as well as creative and technical skills. These surely, are values close to every decent Malaysian’s heart.


Feel Called to Donate But Don’t Know Where to Start?

PINTAR hopes to achieve more than encourage generous donations. It has a vision where volunteers donate their time and play an active role. Perhaps your organization would like to participate in practical terms at a local school, where learners lack the development tools they need?

Speak to PINTAR if you lack capacity, resources, or direction. They can provide comprehensive consultation, and implementation services that stay with you all the way.

They will begin by assessing the school’s needs, in order to strategize and plan the right programs that will have most benefit and impact. Then they will adopt the school and apply regular monitoring and evaluation to ensure the success of the program.

But That Is Not All – You Have Options!

  • ADOPT A SCHOOL – Become a PINTAR member. Adopt at least one school for three years. Run your own enrichment programs under PINTAR guidance and in terms of its principles. Report to PINTAR twice a year with the option of participating in national and fundraising programs.
  • BE A SPONSOR – Become part of the national ambition to enhance the educational levels of all Malaysian students, especially those from underprivileged communities. Gift them with the opportunity to explore their talents, and develop their full potential.
  • BECOME A VOLUNTEER – Would you like to give something back by making a difference to lives of young people around you? Well if you do, then PINTAR welcomes motivated and enthusiastic people, who love contributing to the on-going development of the under-served students in our country.

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Wrapping Up and Summarizing PINTAR Collaboration

The PINTAR program provides a platform for collective responsibility at private and public sector level. It invites participants to contribute to society, and human potential on a proactive, organised basis, especially through schools.

Please consider whether you can have a role in building a solid foundation for Malaysian kids in their formative years. Let’s create a wholesome, hardy collective to carry our country Malaysia forward to a positive future. Visit their website or donate to Pintar Foundation now.