Sometimes we forget, in the midst of a busy period that we are the generation that holds our climate’s future in our hands. The Global Environment Centre has been promoting sustainable living for over two decades, thanks to loyal supporters.

This non-governmental, non-profit organization was founded in Malaysia in 1998, and has been active ever since. It has always relied on donations and it probably always will. Would you like to contribute to your children’s, children’s future?

Global Environment Centre is proudly Malaysia-based, although it has a broader presence with field programs in over 10 countries. It also coordinates a number of regional and global networks to promote its goals. This international outreach is essential, because climate change has no boundaries on our planet.

The Global Environment Centre’s Overarching Mission

The centre strives to support the protection of the environment, and the sustainable use of natural resources. In order to meet local, regional and global needs through strategic partnerships with communities and like-minded organizations. It concentrates its activities through four themes we focus on in this profile.

Give To the River Care Program

Rivers carry moisture, and nutrients for crops from high altitudes all the way to the ocean, where more rain originates.  Rivers also sustain humanity during dry periods, because without drinking water we can only survive a few days. No wonder so many cities are on river banks.

However, rivers cannot deliver their gift of fresh water if they become grossly polluted. It’s an ironic truth that people living near rivers – and benefiting from them – are the greatest cause of the desecration of this non-renewable resource. As a result, a mere 53% of Malaysia’s rivers still classify as clean.

Global Environment Centre works closely with stakeholders, industries and utilities to promote a water-wise lifestyle. It believes in striking a balance between community considerations, biodiversity, and wetland conservation. Your donation will help it achieve this goal on behalf of everyone on the planet.

GEC Global Environment Centre Mangroves

Support The Forest and Coastal Program

Forests, and wetland habitats are the last refuge for many wild creatures. Their loss to development affects local communities, and or course our climate too. Did you ever think of donating to sustainable management of forests, wetlands, or the coastal strip? Perhaps this one is the charity for you.

Global Environment Centre supports the protection and sustainable use of forests and coastal resources. It has a strong focus on integrated management for biodiversity, and climate change. It promotes its vision through noteworthy projects, of which these are examples.

  • Restoration of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest, through community-based peatlands water management and rehabilitation. This is a unique wetland system comprising over 80,000 hectares of peatland, surrounded by communities and growing industrial landscapes.
  • Mangrove Rehabilitation in Kampung Dato Hormat, Sabak Bernam. The outreach involves rehabilitating degraded mangrove sites with local community participation, through planting and maintaining 3,800 trees.
  • Encouraging Orang Asli community to explore sustainable living, through community leadership development in Mukim Tanjung Duabelas and Kuala Langat District in Selangor. The goal is to improve community socioeconomic status, through community empowerment and environmentally-sensible living.

Donate To The Peatland Program

We should not forget the critical role peatlands play in the economy and the ecology of Southeast Asia. These wetland forests have developed primarily in the coastal lowland, plains between major rivers. They cover approximately 10% of the land area of Malaysia, and help promote our survival:

  • They produce timber and non-timber forest products
  • They provide water supply, flood control and other benefits.
  • They store approximately 5% of all global terrestrial carbon.
  • They are repositories for unique, and important biodiversity.

Consider donating to Global Environment Centre. Support a non-profit organization that is actively involved in peatland conservation and rehabilitation. Your gift will help promote sustainable management of peatlands. As it works closely with various stakeholders to promote best peatland management practices.

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Current peatland projects include:

  • Conservation and rehabilitation of forested and degraded peatland within Pekan Forest Reserve.
  • Rehabilitation of peat swamp forest in Pekan Extension, in conjunction with indigenous Jakun tribe.
  • Development, protection, and implementation of peatlands for optimal land use and alternative livelihoods.
  • A peatland project in South Ketapang, Indonesia to improve sustainable socio-economic development of the resource.

Outreach and Partnership Program

However, Global Environment Centre appreciates it cannot achieve its vision through generous donations alone. Therefore it believes empowering local communities is a pivotal element in environmental conservation. And especially because they possess knowledge, talent and creative solutions for environmental challenges.

Your generous donation to this vision, will help Global Environment Centre achieve its dream of re-establishing environmentally-responsible living. Why not sign up to their goal of promoting sustainable partnerships, between different organizations and sectors to safeguard the environment.

Support Global Environment Centre

Please consider making a donation to Global Environment Centre. To learn more about GEC, visit their website or follow them on Incitement. Also make sure to check out these 15 charities that need your support in 2022.