Chronic hunger is one of those things you need to experience to appreciate fully. Food supplies our body with glucose energy that flows through our blood and powers our organs. When the supply is low, then our system slows down in order to conserve what we have.

A sense of lethargic helplessness begins to envelop us, as our blood-sugar level falls. We may experience mood swings, headaches, trembling, sweating and fatigue. If we ignore the symptoms then our thinking becomes muddled. We are on a slippery slope going nowhere slowly.

Only a Generous Food Donation Can Help

If you’re outside society and desperately hungry, you really only have three options.

  • Scrounge for scraps of food in refuse bins, and garbage tips.
  • Resort to street crime to generate cash to purchase food.
  • Wait helplessly for a kind soul to give you something to eat.

Answering the Call to Feed Kuala Lumpur’s Hungry

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen was born out of the post-independence surge to raise standards to Western levels. A small group of young people gathered in September 1967 to found a movement addressing core issues surrounding equality.

PERTIWI’s mission is still to help women and children advance to their true roles in society, through generous donations from stakeholders. They promote this through training and education projects, in terms of their overall vision of striving to be at peace with our diversity.

PERTIWI… In action, making a difference in our community since 1967

Covid-19 Pandemic Ratchets Up Call for Donations

A World Bank study reveals the effect of the pandemic on low-income urban families in Malaysia. Briefly, in summary form:

  • Covid-19 and subsequent mobility restrictions adversely affected Malaysia’s economy.
  • Around 64.5% of jobs could not be performed from home after adjusting for internet access.
  • Moreover, approximately 50.9% of Malaysia jobs require high levels of physical proximity.

Workers in those vulnerable roles were already at risk before the crisis. They entered the pandemic with relatively poor education, low income levels, and advanced or very young age. They were largely defenceless to prevent what happened.

The inevitable consequences were greater under- and unemployment, more doubling up in homes, and less food on the table. Decent people found themselves walking Kuala Lumpur streets begging for donations of food and money in order to survive.

PERTIWI Responds Quickly By Asking People to Donate

PERTIWI understands Malaysians prefer to donate for particular causes, so they can see where their money goes. Therefore it operates four distinct projects as follows:

  • PERTIWI Soup Kitchen providing a humanitarian food-aid service to the homeless and hard-core poor.
  • PERTIWI Health Services delivering a basic medical service for the benefit of the poor.
  • Kasish PETERWI, which is a home for HIV+ children in collaboration with Hong Leong Islamic Bank.
  • A foster child project helping students who have academic potential, but lack financial means.

Perhaps you feel a calling to donate to one of these projects. People who donate with an HSBC credit card will have their gift topped up with 1% by HSBC.


PERTIWI Soup Kitchen provides meals at various locations around Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis. These soup kitchens are a great way to give something back from what we are fortunate to have. However, there are still too many hard-core poor and homeless people who are unable to eat on a daily basis.

Therefore PERTIWI is seeking donations to help it:

  • Supply pre-packaged meals and clean water to inner-city neighbourhoods in greatest need four times a week.
  • Raise public awareness to encourage corporate and media sponsorship, and regular volunteer participation.
  • Find a way to continue for the foreseeable future, and increase outreach to serve a growing number of Kuala Lumpur’s hungry people.


PERTIWI Health Services provides basic medical, dental and eye examinations for poor families in rural areas. But it does not stop there. It also delivers information and advice on diseases and health issues, especially those pertaining to women and children. However, the project became inactive during Covid.

Your donation could help breathe new life into a hope to assist poor families unable to go to government hospitals and clinics. And are therefore deprived of their right to obtain relevant information on health issues for themselves and their children.

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen on Incitement


Kasish PETERWI reaches out in love to HIV-positive children abandoned by parents because they did not understand, or were too ill themselves. These forgotten children obtain refuge and help from an aged mother-figure in a place that becomes a home. However, she only has resources for a few at a time.


PERTIWI engages with schools to identify academic potential that needs financial support to foster it. The beauty of this scheme is they continue to live with their natural parents and mature as a family. Speak to PERTIWI if you believe you could help a poor child have a rich education. This would be a wonderful investment in Malaysia’s future.

Please consider supporting PERTIWI Soup Kitchen on Incitement or by visiting their website.

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