Cerebral Palsy is a symptom of brain damage affecting motor function. Children dealing with it struggle with muscle tone, posture, balance and movement. This often occurs after inadequate care during childbirth. Cerebral Palsy Malaysia (GAPS) exists to give these children the best possible break in life.

Five Missions That Drive GAPS Cerebral Palsy Malaysia Forward

Donating to GAPS provides funds to promote five interventions to support these kids and older people too:

  1. Provide a platform of holistic support for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and their families.
  2. Maintain a one-stop centre for intervention, education, rehabilitation, care and R&D for those affected.
  3. Collaborate with societies, authorities, and organizations to raise awareness and educate the public.
  4. Organise educational and awareness programmes to empower people with Cerebral Palsy and their families.
  5. Share information informing others about Cerebral Palsy, and disabilities in general.

Perhaps you feel inspired to donate money to support these lovely people. Including children caught up in a situation not of their making many people simply do not understand. Speak to Cerebral Palsy Malaysia (GAPS) for more information.

What is GAPS? What Does It Mean for These Children?

GAPS is the short form for GAPS (Gabungan Anak-Anak Palsi Serebrum or Alliance of Children with Cerebral Palsy). It formed in October 2016, when a group of enthusiastic parents and kids established it to support and empower people with Cerebral Palsy, including children and adults.

GAPS exists to help them break free from chains of misunderstanding by others. It is a highly participative organization, which draws them out and equips them. However, these things cost money, and that’s why it encourages donations from individual, corporates, and organizations.

Founded in 2016, GAPS is a registered non-profit organisation that believes in creating possibilities for the Cerebral Palsy community to have better quality of living. GAPS is building a holistic and inclusive ecosystem of support and advocacy that nurtures knowledge, active and healthier lifestyles and the spirit of giving.

How Cerebral Palsy Malaysia Stimulates Awareness, Support and Inclusion

GAPS maintains a lively presence on Facebook where kids living with the disability, parents and other interested people gather. Visitors experience the thrill of awareness and support in action, and the difference it makes to other people’s lives.

Perhaps you would like to donate to a specific project? If that’s the case then Cerebral Palsy Malaysia has two ongoing projects that may interest you.


GAPS partners with Malaysian Pan-Disability Football to promote a frame football team. Kids with Cerebral Palsy aged 4 to 14 on walking frames compete to score goals. Why not give of your free time to see cohesive support in action by kids behaving by kids having fun?

GAPs Malaysia on Incitement- Cerebral Palsy


GAPS sponsors indoor and outdoor camps that empower children living with the disability and their parents. These may be outdoor or residential, and feature motivational and educational talks, Cerebral Palsy management, family treats, forums, sharing sessions, and more.

Why not stop by and one and share in the action? Participate in an event where children and their families gain knowledge and skills. Where values such as responsibility, cooperation, courage and self-esteem grow.

What’s On Today at GAPS Participate Centre?

All things could possible at Cerebral Palsy Malaysia, with your donation along one or more of these themes:


Conductive education is education-based rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy. It combines learning physical movements, self-care activities, speech, and cognitive skills, together with basic academic education in a single program.


However, despite best efforts many kids carry the burden with them for the rest of their lives. Many are unable to control their posture and muscles. Therefore they need special seats, equipment for standing and walking, and wheelchairs to deliver mobility.

GAPS partners with a rehabilitation and care specialist to inspire, source, develop, and deliver assistive and adaptive devices, focusing on locally made and affordable products. They are always hungry for donations for wheelchairs, special car seats, and special chairs. Do you feel called to help adults and children with Cerebral Palsy in Malaysia?


Cerebral Palsy Malaysia has a long-term commitment to collaborate with like-minded individuals, and organizations to make these dreams come true. Cerebral Palsy is lifelong condition. But there’s no reason those afflicted and affected should not achieve their full potential.

GAPS Malaysia on Incitement

Ways You Could Support and Foster This Project

Maintaining a charity like this is all about cash flow. The work is immense, and they have scarcely turned over the soil. GAPS will thank you from the bottom of their hearts if you could help fund one or more of the activities we described. Consider making a one-time, or monthly donation now. Also make sure to check out this article with 15 Malaysian Charities that need your help in 2022.