The social economy of any community or nation comprises those activities promoting solidarity. And also democratic participative governance, and primacy of people over capital according to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

myHarapan, more formally known as the independent not-for-profit Youth Trust Foundation, was founded in 2010 to empower young Malaysians. And more specifically, to support youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building efforts.

myHarapan is dedicated towards empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building efforts.

MyHarapan’s Vision and Mission Supporting These Goals


“Every Malaysian youth will make a positive sustainable impact to society and planet.”


“To develop wholesome and independent youth, by providing them choices and opportunities in driving sustainable social initiatives to make positive impact.”

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MyHarapan’s Current Situation

myHarapan relies on generous donations by likeminded individuals to support this essential work. It dedicated itself right from the beginning to empowering young Malaysians through youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building.

It reaches these goals by making various opportunities and platforms available. These in turn empower the youth to scale, sustain, expand and multiply their impact.

However, some older Malaysians – even the youth themselves – sow seeds of doubt in the ability of these future leaders. Therefore myHarapan seeks to inspire all citizens to look beyond those perceived limitations, and allow the youth to become well-rounded individuals.

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Social Business Workshops

myHarapan’s Think, Talk, Take Action program supplies young students with best practice tools to address burning social issues. They are then better able to conceptualise problems, conceive solutions and share these with their peers.

Social Business Bootcamps

Social business boot camps are more extensive, and spread out over three days and two nights. Students gain deep skills on these occasions, and familiarise themselves with project management, market validation, impact measurement and presentation skills.

There are mentors available to assist, and smooth the process as teams refine their ideas into feasible and sustainable goals. Then they pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts on the final day, to gain insights and feedback before implementation.

Social Media Workshops

Digital marketing training embraces all marketing methods and channels that promote products or services on the Internet. Students learn more about core digital marketing disciplines. These include SEO, display marketing, email marketing, social media, mobile, analytics, strategy, and planning.

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Canva for Social Projects

Workshop attendees also learn to use free online graphic design-tool Canva to help them stand out from the crowd, with professional internet marketing graphics, content and more. They move forward from basic design concepts to creating well designed online content, and other marketing tools.

Smartphone Video Marketing

Malaysia’s future leaders cut their teeth on a variety of video marketing tools for smartphone users. At the end of the program they are able to create short but professional videos for their projects. And follow the process through from planning, filming, step-by-step editing to leveraging social media with video.

Live Streaming to Connect

Livestreaming developed rapidly as a way to connect with markets during covid lockdowns. Students gain essential knowledge in order to be able to easily go live on their mobile devices, or desktops and interact with users in real-time.

General Business Skills Workshops

Financial management skills-training empowers future business leaders to plan and manage strategically. Key skills include reconciling a bank statement, controlling an organization’s cash, and preparing a cash flow statement.

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Market Research Orientation

Marketing research is a key input to business planning. Attendees learn how to collect data that helps them understand their customers’ thinking, purchasing habits and geolocation. They also discover how to monitor market trends, for better business decision making.

Product Development Workshop

Product development orientation and training completes the student’s business understanding, by focusing on the development of new ideas and innovations that lead to greater social cohesion. Key learning points include research and development, marketing, sales strategy, and design.

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Soft Skills Workshop

The young project manager’s toolkit would be incomplete without ability to write well-structured professional emails, while reducing potential errors and miscommunications. Key outcomes encompass positive writing skills, and ability to grab attention with words.

Other soft skills in this module are:

  • Leadership styles and impact on motivation and teamwork.
  • Negotiating skills to maximise financial and social impacts.
  • Customer management skills and handling difficult people.

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It’s difficult not to be impressed by this broad-based program, when we consider the benefits to Malaysia. The advantages of empowering a new generation with these skills are especially important, when donations provide opportunities regardless of social status.

myHarapan gratefully receives single, and repeat donations from corporates and individuals alike towards this important work. We leave you with this thought.  How else will Malaysia compete on the world stage in the future, without capable leaders?

Support Malaysia’s youth with a one-time or monthly donation. Visit their website to learn more. Also make sure to check out these 15 Malaysian charities that could use your help in 2022.