We all have a right, surely to happiness, health and a decent living. Yet the Covid-19 epidemic denied many Malaysians of this, as it crashed through the economy and decimated jobs.

Much of this chain reaction could have been avoided if we had managed it better from the start. The wisdom of hindsight teaches us the key would have been better prevention. SERUM Initiatives believes it is never too late to start doing this now, and they can do it with the help of your generous donation.

SERUM Initiatives Invites You to Help Close the Gap

SERUM Initiatives is a social enterprise founded by young people, driven by young people, and populated by young people.  They have one simple determination, and this is to make hygiene measures available universally to Malaysia’s poor.

This sounds reasonable and achievable except for one thing. They are young people starting out in life with time to give, but little disposable income. Therefore they make one simple request. This is will you help us achieve our dream?

Fair Enough But How Well Managed Is This?

Serum Initiatives delivers transparency and integrity in everything they do. Therefore, they publish monthly impact reports showcasing progress, and informing all how effectively they use funds they receive.

SERUM is an abbreviation for Supplies to Empower the Rural, Urban Poor and Marginalised. It has always been our sadly often-neglected duty to be mindful of the poorer masses. The pandemic is a fresh reminder we should no longer deny.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other (Sister Theresa)

More About SERUM Initiative’s Goals

But the Serum Initiative is not sitting by and waiting for donations to get started. They are up and running through their own effort, and assisting underserved communities including refugees, urban poor and rural poor. Many of them lost their entire income due to the movement control order, and decline of financial performance as a whole.

Moreover, many of them lack even basic hygiene supplies, not to mention digital access to the internet, and online advice on getting started again. Meanwhile the pandemic rages on, spawning new variants and the ultimate threat of becoming a deadly disease again. We cannot, we dare not fail to shield each other from the spread of the virus.

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The Risk of Virus Spread is Greater Among the Poor

Malaysia’s poor often do not have access to decent healthcare. They cram into shacks at night to shelter, where there is seldom running water or sanitation. They are wide open to the virus and often have co-existing deficiencies and diseases weakening their immunity. If you answer one call to donate today, then perhaps it should be SERUM Initiative.

Serum Initiative’s Fund Raising Activities

This social outreach program has a mission to work towards a goal where every Malaysian can afford to support themselves, including access to pandemic protection. Many struggling Malaysians hand-craft products they sell at brick and mortar events such as bazaars, and market stalls.

However, the bright young people behind this initiative realise they could expand their markets by selling on the internet. They use the resources they glean from volunteer fundraisers and donations to maintain their online platform, and market those handcrafts in the broader community.

Every RM10 of your donation will help them grow their online presence, in return for which they will donate sanitizer and face mask kits to needy beneficiaries. They have formed partnerships with numerous NGO’s. Today they invite you to join them on their impactful journey.  They thank you in advance for your support.

Serum Fight Period Poverty

Fight Period Poverty

SERUM is running a special fundraiser through Incitement. It aims to raise RM10,000 to donate at least 160 menstrual hygiene sets to refugee communities in Klang Valley, comprising greater Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and surroundings.

Your RM60 will bring reusable pads, loofah soap, wet bag, and DIY sanitary pad manual to one refugee community. Please donate generously. They are getting there gradually with average RM103 donations. Let’s join hands and make this project happen.

Visit SERUM on Incitement or their website to learn more about them. Also make sure to check out these 15 Malaysian charities that could use your help in 2022.