Where would we be without our education today? Especially as technology becomes the gateway to a decent job, and without a decent job how can life be truly meaningful. Basic education is free for all Malaysians. However, if you are a refugee without resources you may not even be able to get past first base. Fugee knows this like no other.

It’s is a very real problem for many who sought refuge in Malaysia. They want to be independent and contribute to our society. But the laws of economics dictate they need resources to reskill themselves first. Until we unpick this knot they would not have great chances to contribute to Malaysian society. Your donation helps to open doors for refugees in Malaysia.

Fugee is a non-profit which champions equality and access by and with refugees where each person has the right to build a meaningful life. We do this through advocacy, and education and entrepreneurship programs.

Fugee Exists to Help Refugee Youth Move Forward

Fugee addresses the challenges refugee youths face, when they need access to education and the Malaysian work economy. Refugees and asylum seekers do not have universal access to education and healthcare. Some 30% of their kids still lack access to primary education in Malaysia.
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Fugee School established in 2009 to provide basic mathematics and English lessons to four Somali refugee children. Since then the range and scope grew rapidly into broad-based education, and support services for more than 200 students every year.

But Fugee School is more than just an academic learning centre. It is also a transitional school that prepares its students for a brighter future, where they will finally be able to settle down. And get decent jobs after mastering technical, creative and life skills that help them cope with the challenges they encounter almost every day.

However, this project depends on voluntary donations to keep moving forward. Could you help ignite endless passion for learning and growing within every child? Imagine how your life might have spun out if you lacked education opportunities yourself.

Listen to this powerful story from Shafie Sharif, who came as a refugee from Sudan seeking refuge in Malaysia. He became on of the key leaders of Fugee School, founded by former miss Malaysia and founder of Fugee Deborah Henry.

The Mission and Vision Carrying Fugee’s Dream Forward

Mission and vision statements are broad roadmaps that define an organisation’s purpose and right to be. The vision describes the future it strives for. While the mission defines its business, its objectives and how it plans to achieve these goals.

Fugee’s Vision Of The Future It Strives For

“A world in which every individual has the right to quality education, and job opportunities to participate in and contribute to all facets of life. We envision expanding our scope of resources and goals to make sure every person goes to school, gets the training and is granted access to any industry they seek a career in.”

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Fugee’s Mission And Plans To Achieve It

“We are a non-profit which champions equality and access by and with refugees where each person has the right to build a meaningful life. We do this through advocacy, and education and entrepreneurship programmes.”

Fugee’s Three Strategies To Achieve This

Fugee aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are a call for action by all countries (poor, rich and middle-income) to promote peace and harmony. Fugee actively promotes this with three core targets by 2030:

  • No Poverty
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Fugeelah Independent Business Arm of Fugee

Fugee’s mission is to help its young clients move to full economic independence. Many have extraordinary talent, but they lack the opportunity to present it in an open market. FugeeLAH is a business arm that helps them create lifestyle accessories for clients committed to the planet and its people.

Fugeelah dedicates itself to thoughtful practices and sustainable measures, and through every piece of jewellery sold, a refugee child or youth has a chance at a better life. We allocate profits towards sustaining income and upskilling opportunities for refugee youth and to provide access to education for over 200 refugee children at Fugee School.


Fugeelah is a financially separate, independent, mission-driven social enterprise. Fugee created it especially for children and youth seeking refuge in Malaysia. This way, the beneficiaries contribute with the work of their own hands towards the running costs of Fugee School.

This is a wonderful opportunity for other beneficiaries to donate through purchasing items from their thriving ethical jewellery brand. Why not help Fugee to educate, employ, and empower refugee children in this way, and youth so they can approach life with dignity, purpose and pride.

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Fugee Youth Academy for Young Adults

Fugee Youth Academy launched in 2020, to take the work forward to young refugee adults through improving access to education, and internship opportunities. There are three arms to this enterprise:

  • Fostering access to tertiary education via Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Opening doors to the Malaysian job market through skill-based courses and paid internship training.
  • Becoming change-making agents helping to open access to education especially for girls.

The Fugee Family of Active Supporters

Fugee fosters a number of national and international partnerships with like-minded organizations. There are also many active donors who support their most important work.

Fugee is currently running a fundraiser Fugee HiEd Scholarships, making higher education more accessible for refugees in Malaysia by reducing financial barriers. Higher education is a gateway to a brighter future. Please contribute if you can, and feel called.

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