Hospis Malaysia offers domiciliary palliative care in the Klang Valley area, to help manage health-related physical and emotional pain and suffering from life-limiting illnesses. It also provides education and training for healthcare providers to increase palliative understanding throughout Malaysia.

But the charity does not charge for these services to patients, meaning it relies substantially on donations to achieve those noble goals. Your one-time or regular donation will make a difference to a patient at the closing stage of their life.

It is our mission to ensure that every Malaysian is aware of, and has access to palliative care services when the need arises. The aim is to enhance the quality of life of patients by assessing their medical, psychological and emotional conditions and treating them accordingly. Medication (if necessary) is prescribed at no cost and under proper supervision. Psychological and emotional assistance are also extended to family members.

Read On to Know More About Hospis Malaysia

Hospis Malaysia is a charitable organization. It exists to provide evidence-based medical care for those living with cancer, AIDS, organ failure, progressive neurological conditions and more. It is independent of any political, religious, government or private group. Therefore its governance is in the hands of medical professionals backed by a small team of administrative staff. While in the background its overall policies and finances are in the hands of volunteer professionals.

A Timely Reminder of Breast Cancer Month

Breast Cancer Month comes around every October to remind us how important it is to teach people to recognise the early signs of the disease, and to take proactive steps to control it. Unfortunately some people will still succumb to cancer until there is a cure. Hospis Malaysia wants to help them through the final stages as comfortably as humanly possible.

Hospis Malaysia

A Hospis Malaysia Goal That’s Worthy of Donations

The charitable organization’s goal is to ensure every Malaysian is aware of, and has access to palliative care services when the need arises. Their purpose is to enhance the quality of their lives, by attending to their medical, emotional and psychological needs as these arise.

  • Hospis Malaysia provides necessary medication free of charge, but under proper supervision.
  • It also delivers psychological and emotional support to family members according to their need.

The Hospis charity adopted this strategy because research shows it reduces the burden of illness on patients and families. This is especially true if it begins during early onset of illness.

Hospis Malaysia cancer awareness month

Hospis Malaysia’s Vision, Mission and Values


The hospice aims to provide access to the highest possible quality of evidence-based palliative care to everyone in need. So as to provide relief from, and prevent pain and suffering associated with progressive and life-threatening illness.


  • Provide the best possible palliative care services to the community they serve. And in so doing improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
  • Deliver the best possible education and training to healthcare professionals. And equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge in the practice of palliative care.
  • Increase awareness about the needs of those with progressive and life-threatening illnesses.
  • Value life and promote quality of life for all patients regardless of illness or stage, through advocacy, education and research.


Hospis Malaysia underpins its activities with a commitment to integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. It strongly believes in allowing knowledge to guide its day-to-day behaviour and decision-making processes.

Palliative care in Malaysia

How Your Donation Supports Hospis Malaysia’s Palliative Services

Hospis Malaysia delivers fully-fledged patient services on the ground in three distinctive ways

  • DOMICILIARY PALLIATIVE CARE at individual patient level to support them and their families at home. Every treatment is uniquely tailored through personal discussion with patients and family members. Medications and equipment are provided on loan, and there is no charge.
  • PERSONAL REHABILITATION sessions at home help patients maintain their strength, and rediscover activities that can help them regain their independence.
  • OUTPATIENT PALLIATIVE SUPPORT for patients and their families who live outside their catchment area, or who would to visit its Klang Valley centre.

Hospis Malaysia Relies on Support to Finance These Programs

Hospis Malaysia is independent of any political, religious, governmental or private group. It therefore substantively relies on donations to continue its invaluable work. The opportunities to do good works and help others are almost endless. Would you like to support this noble cause with a single or recurring donation during Breast Cancer Month? Donate now.

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