Great Heart Charity Association established in Malaysia in 2010 as a tax-exempted, non-profit charity association. It exists to cultivate a caring society, by making charitable giving part of everybody’s life. Its goal is to be a platform that connects volunteers, beneficiaries and contributors who donate.

Four Worthy Goals to Consider for Your Next Donation

Great Heart Charity promotes its vision of a caring society in two complementary ways. These are assistance in the form of financial aid for beneficiaries, as well as emotional support so they may be able to self-sustain in the long run. The association is currently focusing on these four pressure points:

  • HAND-IN-HAND charity program to help people with their grassroots needs. Great Heart Charity makes their lives easier by donating towards their everyday requirements. These are across both physical and mental dimensions.
  • YOU & ME school focus promoting charity as a form of education. This instils a supportive culture in school life, whereby students organize community projects voluntarily, while enhancing their own self-development.
  • EARTH WARRIORS environmental initiative promoting Earth for today, and for a better tomorrow. The focus is hands-on. It encourages participants to help clean their city, and understand why this matters.
  • COMMUNITY CENTRE donation platform providing opportunities to donate and assist underprivileged people in the community. Focus points include lunch boxes for the hungry, traditional Chinese medicine treatments, and training classes too.

We aim to provide assistance to the needy that is both substantial and meaningful assistance. Individually, we may not able to change the world, but together we strive to help individuals and communities to get on their feet. As a result, our core value is to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.

Great Opportunities to Donate to These Worthy Goals

Hand-in-Hand Charity Program

The Hand-in-Hand charity program reaches out to individual cases, community groups, and the Orang Asli indigenous people living deep in the jungles of Malaysia.

DESERVING CASES embrace individuals, and families who largely escape public notice. Great Heart Charity programs include supporting 30 dialysis treatments, and gifting 25 under-privileged families with groceries.

UNDERPRIVILEGED COMMUNITY CENTRES include orphanages, old folk homes, disability centres, underprivileged students and the elderly. However, this time the focus is on brightening their lives through luncheons, day trips out, and festive celebrations.

ORANG ASLI INDIGENOUS OUTREACHES are on a more practical level. Great Heart Charity Association builds water wells with pumps and water tanks at remote sites, and donates organic fertilisers and seedlings for food and business opportunity.

Hand in Hand Family Care Support - Great Heart charity

You & Me School Focus

Great Heart Charity Association introduces students to an innovative world, where they jump-start their own outreaches into deserving communities. This enhances their personal development as they deliver positive energy into the society around them.

Great Heart advisers actively collaborate with students from various societies in schools and universities. They give talks, and hold knowledge sharing sessions empowering young people to organise their own community projects.  But Great Heart advisers remain their partners, and support them throughout with practical guidance and resources.

Great Heart charity

Earth Warriors Environmental Initiative

The Earth Warriors Association aims to safeguard the cleanliness of our environment. It calls on us all to join in, and deliver an essential message to the public. This call is to protect our Earth for today, and for a better tomorrow too. The association believes the process begins with inspiring the younger generation, particularly to practice good hygiene and cleanliness.

Here are three projects you might like to consider for your next donation:

  • Monthly cleaning public areas around the Klang Valley in central Selangor Malaysia. Preserving beaches and hills around Kuala Lumpur for the generations to come.
  • Mobilising local communities and schools to join a mass street clean-up every year, with local councils chipping in with resources to make this possible.
  • Rehabilitating mangrove saplings that are taking strain from human activity and extreme weather. Raising public awareness of ongoing destruction of this resource.

Overseas Union Charity Program

If your vision is broader than just Malaysia, then you may like to know more about Great Heart Charity’s overseas reach. They team with foreign NGO’s to help underprivileged groups in various countries. They are looking for Malaysian volunteers to garner donations, and be able to cover their traveling expenses throughout the event.

Great Heart Charity on Incitement

How to Donate to Great Heart Charity Association

You could make a gift of your time by registering as a volunteer, and tapping into your passion and resources to make a difference in your local community. Here are two current opportunities to consider (you will need to be covid vaccinated, symptom free, and with no recent contacts):

  • Help clean up parks and streets of Teluk Pulai Klang. Gloves, garbage bags and tools will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Assist with grocery shopping in accordance with underprivileged family wish lists using vouchers. Deliver the goods personally to the respective families.

You could shop for yourself, or a friend at the Great Heart Charity virtual store instead. Or, if you prefer, become a fundraiser for one of their caring campaigns. Great Heart Charity Association also welcomes one-off and monthly donations. Incitement provides a facilitating service, peace of mind, and other benefits.

Support Great Heart Charity on Incitement or visit their website to learn more. Make sure to also check out these 15 Malaysian charities who can use your support in 2022.