For every action there is a reaction, even more so with charitable giving. One hand gives, and another receives. If we give regularly, then this becomes part of the rhythm of our lives. It forms a steady stream, flowing across to charities so they can realize meaningful social change.

Think for a second what it would be like for businesses, if customers only paid their accounts occasionally. Or for workers and stockholders for that matter if they had no idea when their income would flow. Charities face these challenges too.

Now imagine what would happen if your favourite charity failed to pay their staff, or could not promote their services to raise funds for their good works. Who could their beneficiaries then turn to for support?

Donating Monthly Makes A World Of Difference

Donating money to your favourite charity each month can become a distraction in the middle of a busy day, or you might forget about it altogether. Not to worry, though, as you can now easily opt-in for a monthly donation to your favourite cause on Incitement. Your donation goes through automatically, giving you one less chore to do. Best of all, you are in complete control and can cancel any time you need to.  Best of all, you help your favourite charity to plan ahead.


Adding More Value for Malaysia’s Charities

Incitement provides a convenient, easy to use platform for charities to stay in touch with their stakeholders. They get real value in return for a low 5% transaction fee, while at the same time receiving 100% of your gift if you as a donor choose to absorb this 5% fee. Charities may use our platform to raise donations for their charity directly, or alternatively raise funds for specific fundraisers. Here’s an overview of some of the free-to-use tools that are available for charities on Incitement:

  • Raise monthly recurring donations.
  • Raise core-funding (for charities) or project specific funding (for fundraisers).
  • Use embed widgets to capture donations on their own website or other web asset.
  • Use project management tools.
  • Use volunteer recruitment- and management tools.
  • Share updates and build community.
  • Donors can choose to absorb the 5% transaction fee, so 100% of their gift goes to the charity.
  • Earn Purpose Points for posting content. Exchange your purpose points to cash through donations.
  • Promote your charity in Incitement’s network of Partners.  Learn more.

Incitement Partner Program

Incitement Partner Program

Incitement’s Partner Platform provides an easy way for charities to connect with influencers. Influencer partnerships allow nonprofits to connect with potential donors through the use of popular and relevant public figures otherwise known as influencers.

People look to online influencers to help them make informed decisions about which brands, causes, and products they should be interested in and support. By aligning with influencers of your target audience whose values match your mission, your nonprofit can tap into their network and communities. An endorsement from an influencers can help raise awareness for your cause and inspire people to donate to your cause.

If charities choose to use Incitement’s Partner Program, then they get instant access to hundreds of influencers able to endorse and recommend them on their own resources. There’s no better way to market a cause than by word of mouth! Learn more about Incitement’s Partner Program.

A Trouble-Free Way to Support Your Favourite Cause

Incitement provides a convenient, trouble-free location for donors to support the causes they love most. Start exploring and discover Malaysian charities who can use your support.

  • Easily browse, filter, and find charities that align with your interests.
  • Check progress reports from charities to see the impact of your donations.
  • Post content to earn purpose points which you can donate to your favourite causes.
  • Pay lower platform fees so your favourite charity receive 100% of your donation.
  • Become an Incitement partner. Promote charities and earn referral fees.
  • And much more…

How Regular Giving Enriches Our Lives

There are wonderful opportunities for returning some of our resources to charities in Malaysia. We wrote earlier how one hand washes the other and both benefit. Charities can advance their work, while the experience enriches their donors’ lives. Regular giving can multiply the blessing on both sides.

But there are also practical benefits to be gained by regular giving. Participating causes with tax exemption status can provide tax exemption receipts which in turn can provide tax benefits for you as a donor.

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