Apple has recently released a new policy for its app store, and it’s making waves in the world of charitable giving. The updated policy, specifically section 3.2.2 (iv), states that unless you are an approved nonprofit or fall under certain exceptions, apps are no longer allowed to collect funds within the app for charities and fundraisers.

What does this mean for businesses with iPhone apps that have been actively raising donations for worthy causes? Let’s delve into the implications:

1️⃣ Mandatory Free Apps
To comply with the new policy, businesses must make their apps free to download and use on the App Store. Previously, some apps may have charged a fee or included in-app purchases to support charitable efforts. Now, the focus is on promoting access to the app without any financial barriers.

2️⃣ External Fundraising Channels
Instead of collecting funds within the app, businesses will need to leverage external channels for fundraising. Apple suggests using Safari or SMS to redirect users to websites or other platforms where donations can be made securely. This shift emphasizes the importance of seamless integration between the app and external donation platforms.

3️⃣ Increased Transparency and Trust
With the new policy, Apple aims to enhance transparency and build trust between app users and businesses. By channeling donations through external platforms, businesses can provide users with more detailed information about the charitable organizations they support. This transparency can foster stronger connections between businesses and their charitable initiatives.

4️⃣ Broader Reach and Impact
While the change may present challenges initially, it can also lead to expanded reach and impact. Free apps are likely to attract a larger user base, as they eliminate any financial barriers to entry. This can result in increased awareness about the charitable causes being supported, potentially leading to more donations and engagement.

5️⃣ Collaboration Opportunities
The new policy encourages businesses, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to collaborate more closely. By working together, businesses can leverage the expertise and established networks of nonprofits to facilitate external fundraising. This collaboration can bring forth creative solutions to continue supporting charities effectively.

Use Incitement As Your Trusted Fundraising Facilitator

Amidst these changes, there is a solution that can help app owners continue their charitable endeavors. Incitement’s fundraising platform offers an innovative way for app owners to raise donations outside their apps while still supporting charitable causes.

Incitement’s Embedded Charity Marketplace allows app owners to seamlessly embed a marketplace of charities within their apps. This means that even if you are not a registered nonprofit, you can still raise donations for charity through your app by leveraging Incitement’s platform. Contact us to learn more.

Key benefits for iPhone app owners who utilize Incitement

1️⃣ Continued Fundraising
By integrating our Embedded Charity Marketplace into their apps, app owners can still raise funds for charitable causes, even under Apple’s new policy. This provides a valuable lifeline for businesses passionate about making a difference and supporting charitable initiatives.

2️⃣ Compliance with Apple’s Policy
Incitement’s solution ensures compliance with Apple’s guidelines, as the funds are collected outside the app. Users can be redirected to Incitement’s platform via an external browser to complete their donations securely and seamlessly.

3️⃣ Access to a Wide Range of Charities
Incitement’s Embedded Charity Marketplace offers a diverse selection of reputable charities, allowing app owners to cater to different causes and appeal to a broader user base. Our comprehensive charity marketplace empowers app owners to align their fundraising efforts with causes that resonate with their audience.

4️⃣ Enhanced User Engagement
By embedding the charity marketplace, app owners can provide their users with a purpose-driven experience, fostering increased engagement and loyalty. Users appreciate the opportunity to contribute to meaningful causes directly through the app, thereby strengthening the bond between the brand and their audience.

5️⃣ Simplified Integration
Incitement offers seamless integration options, making it easy for app owners to incorporate our Embedded Charity Marketplace into their apps. The platform provides technical support and guidance to ensure a smooth implementation process, enabling app owners to focus on their core mission while supporting charities aligned with that mission.

Take advantage of Apple’s new policy

While the shift in Apple’s policy may require businesses to adapt their strategies, it also presents opportunities for innovation and collaboration. By embracing external fundraising channels and prioritizing transparency, businesses can continue to raise funds for their chosen charitable causes while complying with Apple’s guidelines.

Incitement’s innovative solution empowers app owners to continue their charitable initiatives effectively while complying with Apple’s new policy. By leveraging our Embedded Charity Marketplace, businesses can make a difference and inspire their users to contribute to causes they care about. Contact us to learn more.

Remember, charitable giving is about making a positive impact, and this policy change challenges businesses to think outside the box, engage their users in new ways, and ultimately make a difference in the world. Your app has the power to create a positive impact, and Incitement’s platform ensures that your charitable efforts remain strong and impactful in the face of changing guidelines.

Let’s keep raising funds, fostering engagement, and making the world a better place, one app at a time! 🌍💙

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