Can Liter of Light #givelight to an entire village of 112 people?

Liter of Light campaign to provide an entire village with solar lights

After nearly a decade of living in total darkness after the sun sets, the sixty families in the village of Kampung Teras will finally receive light at night. After six weeks of campaigning and hard work, the #givelight campaign met its end early January this year.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this campaign, have a look at this campaign video for a short update.

The #givelight campaign is in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Sponsoring Partners to #givelight campaign Incitement and Liter of Light Malaysia

The campaign started a month before Christmas and continued until early January 2017. With your help, it collected RM56,730 in total. Honestly, lighting up this village where 112 people life in darkness every single night, would not have been possible without all of your help. Thank you!

Unite to #givelight

Donors, big brands, Malaysian celebrities and the entire team of Liter of Light volunteers and engineers came together to make this campaign into a big success.

The Liter of Light team set a 72,000RM funding target for the campaign, and 79% of that goal was reached, thus raising 56,730RM in funding. This amount is enough to provide the entire village, where sixty families live, with 60 solar powered lights ánd enough lights to power up the the entire community school.

So…let’s #givelight to Kampung Teras!

Scroll down to see what the #givelight fundraising campaign has accomplished.

Liter of Light's givelight campaign overview infographic

Thank you for your contribution!

The people of Kampung Teras received donations from all over the world, with a total of 26,320RM coming from donors and 30,410RM being sponsored by corporations. To everyone who donated, to the celebrities who got out of their way to reach out to their respective audiences to raise awareness for the campaign, and to big brands who sponsored our cause, thank you! Without your contributions, this small community would have never had the chance to receive the basic necessity it deserves: light at night.

You can still donate

The #givelight campaign is over but one celebrity is kept on hold in order to bring in some extra moolah to help equip the process of lighting up Kampung Teras with the solar powered lights.

So, to those who have missed the #givelight campaign, your chance to contribute is still open. Once the challenge video by the last celebrity is up, don’t forget to share the video and spread the news!

Check out these celebrity challenges

Malaysian celebrities came together to each represent a family in Kampung Teras and to help raise awareness for the #givelight campaign. For every family that reached its funding target, a celebrity would perform a funny challenge. Below you can find all the celebrity challenges performed during the campaign. Prepare for a good laugh!

Jason Lo’s challenge

Jason Lo is CEO at TuneTalks and creator of Malaysian Invasion. His challenge is still to be released. Stay tuned!

The Dizzy Chubby Bunny challenge by Amber Chia

Amber is a Malaysian Supermodel, actress, TV host and brand ambassador for over 30 brands. Amber did the Dizzy Chubby Bunny Challenge, where she spun herself around until she got dizzy and then tried to stuff as many marshmallows in her mouth as possible. Fun to watch? Thought so!

100 Layers Challenge by Chloe Chen

Chloe is the winner of Miss World Malaysia 2011, and she was willing to do anything to help her fellow Malaysians. Even if that meant doing the 100 Layers challenge!

Double Unders Challenge with Resh

Resh is a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Entrepreneur, and award winning artist. And he’s going to try to break the world record Double Unders. Do you think he can? Let’s find out!

Blind Folded Make-Up challenge by Sharifah sisters

The oddball, super cool radio, film, and theatre quintuplets were also involved in the #givelight campaign, and made a mess out of themselves with the blindfolded makeup challenge.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge by Bella Zahir

Bella Zahir, Instagram celebrity, Hijabista, and Muslim Fashion Influencer did the funniest challenge of all. But try not to laugh, okay?

Ghost Pepper Challenge by Razif Hashim

When things heat up, you can count on Razif Hasim to keep his cool. That’s why he committed to do one heck of a spicy challenge when his family got fully funded.

The Blended Happy Meal challenge by Silvia

We actually wanted Silvia to perform that cool Hip-Hop dance she’s been bragging about, but she said she would rather drink a happy meal than dance for an audience. Alright, Silvia, have it your way!

The Upside Down Banana challenge By Shavein

Shavein said he would do anything to help #givelight to the families in Kampung Teras. Our Marketing guy, Chris, did’t hesitate a second and decided to hang Shavein upside down and have him eat a banana. You can find Shavein’s challenge on the Liter of Light Facebook page.

Liter of Light and #givelight thank you for your support!

Once again, the entire team of Liter of Light would not have been able to make the #givelight campaign into such a success if it wasn’t for your generous donations. This coming March, the village of Kampung Teras will be powered up by 60 solar powered lights that will last for four years, after which the villagers can replace the lights themselves. That way, they won’t ever have to sit in darkness again!

What do you think of the #givelight campaign?

Let us know in the comments below! Want to join the Liter of Light volunteering team to participate in initiatives like these? Then be sure to check out the volunteering page.

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