Incitement offers its users a lot more value than just project funding. We offer tools for funding, volunteer recruitment and management, project management, file sharing, impact measurement, fund disbursements, and more. This value is provided not only to the project creator, but also the project sponsor. Therefore Incitement imposes fees for both upon funding of a project.

If a project is successfully funded, Incitement applies a fee for both project creator and sponsor in addition to payment processing fees.

Fees for Project Creators

Upon listing a project, the project creator agrees that Incitement will subtract 10% fees before transmitting the proceeds of a sponsor to the project creator.

In other words, if your project solicits $100, upon successful funding you will receive $90.

We’ll charge our fees before putting funds into your account.

Fees for Project Sponsors

Upon sponsoring a project, the sponsor agrees that Incitement will add 5% fees on top of the total project amount as a platform service charge.

In other words, if you sponsor a project that is soliciting $100 in funding, Incitement will charge you $105.

We’ll charge our fees during the checkout process.

Fees for Volunteers

Incitement does not impose any fees for volunteering.