All platform fees for COVID-19 related relief projects have been waived by Incitement to support project creators who are supporting the frontliners and marginalised communities.

When you create your project, simply tick the ‘covid-19’ category to waive all platform fees.

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Incitement charges a 10% success fee on every donation. As a project creator you are only charged a fee when you successfully raise funding for your project via the platform.

Incitement offers tools not only for fundraising, but also for volunteer recruitment and management, impact reporting, community building, project management, and more. Though Incitement offers a suite of tools that goes far beyond any other fundraising platform, we maintain a similar industry-standard fee.

Fees for Project Creators

Incitement will subtract 10% fees before transmitting the proceeds of a sponsor to the project creator.

We’ll charge our fees before putting funds into your account. You may include this fee into your funds breakdown calculation to incorporate this into your budget better.

In other words, if your project solicits $100, upon successful funding you will receive $90.

Fees for Contributors

Incitement does not impose any success fees for project sponsors.

Fees for Volunteers

Incitement does not impose any success fees for volunteering.

Payment Processing Fees

The 10% success fee is exclusive of 1.8% payment processing fees for credit cards and 1.5% for debit cards.