How Many Marshmallows Can Amber Chia Take For Charity?

Malaysian Supermodel Amber Chia stepped up her game for a good cause

How often do you see supermodels stuff themselves with marshmallows? For the sake of the #givelight campaign, the most well-known supermodel in Malaysia, Amber Chia, decided to go absolutely nuts on marshmallows with her rendition of the classic “Chubby Bunny” Challenge but with a twist — by getting herself all dizzy spinning around in a chair FIRST!


So that made for an insane challenge, all for the sake of drawing public attention to the #givelight campaign, now that Amber’s done her part; what about you?

If you’ve been following this campaign, you’ll know that Liter of Light aims to bring 70 solar lights to the orang asli community of Kampung Teras through the #givelight campaign! With your help, this could mean the difference of night and day to them.


Oh and Amber isn’t the only person going crazy with our challenges, we’ve got folks like Reshmonu, the Sharifah Sisters, Chloe Chen and even Tune’s Jason Lo lined up! Find out more now at the the #givelight campaign page!


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