Important Announcement on Token Sale Dates

Due to additional time required in legal setup for the Token Sale in Seychelles, the dates for the sale will be postponed as follows;

Updated Token Sale dates

New Sale period

Old Sale period

Community Pre-sale 1st July – 31st August 2018 19th May – 19th July 2018
ICO 14th October  – 4th November 2018 3rd September – 25th September 2018


These changes will also change the refund periods as follows;

Updated Refund dates

 CSRm purchased during  Refund available

New Refund period

Old Refund period

Community Pre-sale 80% 1st September 2018 – 13th October 2018 20th July 2018 – 2nd September 2018
Community Pre-sale 50% 5th November 2018 – 17th December 2018 26th September 2018 – 5th November 2018
ICO 50% 5th November 2018 – 17th December 2018 26th September 2018 – 5th November 2018


This will not affect the launch of the Inpactor Beta platform scheduled for mid-June 2018. One of the major upsides of the new dates is that the community and contributors will be able to preview the platform before going into the Token Sale.

We understand that this change is not desirable, but is necessary to ensure that we comply to all legal requirements. We respect all regulations and are doing our best to secure Inpactor’s success. We would like to express our sincere apologies and appreciation for the community’s understanding.

Should you need any assistance in regards to these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Telegram.

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