Incitement – What’s The Right Kind Of Education?

This month’s incitement was especially exciting. Not only was there a new host, Vishal, but we questioned whether the current education system is the best in this century and how we can potentially make it better. The education system implemented by most schools right now focuses on teaching students basic knowledge and then testing them by giving each student the same exam, to see how well they’ve understood and memorized the knowledge. This idea was questioned by each of the three speakers in very different ways – providing a unique perspective.


Choon Sian

First up, Choon Sian expressed his experiences with strict parents and how this lead him to not take the path he really wanted, therefore not following his heart. As a top student, he quit a highly valued academic course of actuarial science to go into education. Sadly, not many have the courage to do so, especially in Asia. I found out that only a shocking amount of 5% of Malaysians are happy in their current job. Too many young adults listen to what society wants them to do, but they forget to listen to their heart instead.

I agree that the right education should be about your own desires, so that you discover who you are. As a student myself, I see this lacking in most systems, including my own school. We are not encouraged to go into unusual courses for university, but are continually provided with the same ones: engineering, law or medicine. We don’t get to discover who we want to become, but are more told so by others.

Cynthia Wong

The second inciter, Cynthia Wong talked about her amazing life story in 6 different countries. She found that education is different all over the world, depending on wealth, social situation, groups and confidence. If children don’t see themselves worthy enough for a certain school or job and therefore lack confidence, it is almost impossible for them to get the right kind of education. So not only should the education system itself be challenged, but situations in different countries. Students should be able to work collaboratively in groups, be amongst different cultures and have the confidence to speak up. When they are equipped with these skills and rid themselves of their low thinking pattern, they can achieve a right education.

It is evident that people from poor countries take on low wage, dirty jobs, merely because they lack a proper education. With it comes the inequality, since they are not provided with a better one. This is a major area in which every single one of us should be actively involved in, to help them grow, too. They have the same rights as we do, right?

Jan Bartscht

Lastly, talking about education being a way to challenge yourself, Jan Bartscht thought that today’s education system is what makes us, when we should be making ourselves. Because of this, we lack responsibility for our life which making us lose control and eventually we get lost in life. “There is no time to figure out who I want to be, because I am too busy doing homework” was a phrase that struck me as completely true. As students, we are lost and feel pressured to choose who we want to be, but aren’t given the time to reflect on it. Therefore, many decisions we make are not ones made wisely, but quickly, and so often turn out to be not so great.

The greatest problem with the education system is that it makes every person average, and forgets that as humans, we are unique in learning style, character and personality. We are taught in the same way, and tested in the same way which is the reason why some are considered smart while others are not.

The right education should allow every individual to tap into their true self, and make decisions based on what their passion is. Then, it should include life skills, to help bring that passion into an expertise and to allow each person to grow in their own way, to build their own life.

What do YOU think?

Don’t you think that if the education system was right and everyone ends up doing what they love, this world would be a much happier place?

Let us know in the comment section below

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