How To Do Influencer Marketing For Your Nonprofit

Get Started With Influencer Marketing Today In Just 5 Simple Steps

Influencer partnerships allow nonprofits to connect with potential donors through the use of popular and relevant public figures otherwise known as influencers. An influencer can be a blogger, website or app owner, YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikTokker, a student or volunteer, or really anyone else with an audience.

People look to online influencers to help them make informed decisions about which brands, causes, and products they should be interested in and support. By aligning with influencers of your target audience whose values match your mission, your nonprofit can tap into their network and communities. An endorsement from an influencers can help raise awareness for your cause and inspire people to donate to your cause.

Incitement’s Partner Platform provides an easy way to nonprofits to connect with influencers. In this article we’ll show you how you can get started with influencer marketing for your nonprofit in just 5 simple steps.

Incitement’s influencers can help your nonprofit reach millions of people online!

Just follow the steps below to get started right away…

Step 1: Register on Incitement

register on incitement

  1. On your desktop, go to
  2. Click the ‘Login’ button in the top navigation
  3. Click the ‘Sign up’ link
  4. Insert your personal details to get started
  5. Don’t forget to verify your email

Step 2: List your organisation/charity

list your charity organisation on incitement

  1. On your desktop, click on ‘List your organisation’
  2. Select page type ‘Cause/Nonprofit’
  3. Provide the required information about your nonprofit
  4. Post your first update to earn your first Purpose Points!

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Step 3: Start a fundraiser

start a fundraiser on incitement

  1. On your desktop, navigate to your charity page
  2. Find and click on the ‘Tools’ tab
  3. Click the ‘Start fundraiser’ button
  4. Give your fundraiser a name
  5. Provide as much detail as possible about your fundraiser
  6. Set a realistic fundraising target
  7. Publish your fundraiser

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Step 4: Enable partner promotion

enable partner promotion for charities

  1. Navigate to your project dashboard
  2. Find the ‘Manage fundraiser’ section
  3. Toggle to enable partner promotion
  4. Partners can now promote your fundraiser via partner platform

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Step 5: Spread the word

register on incitement

  1. Share your fundraiser with your networks
  2. Place the embed widget on your website
  3. Share the fundraiser on social media
  4. Email your database of donors, volunteers, and subscribers

You’re all set!

Influencers Can Now Promote Your Nonprofit

An endorsement from an influencer can help significantly to raise awareness for your cause. Combine this with a powerful call-to-action to donate, and influencer marketing can inspire a great deal of donations.

More and more we can see that consumers demand an ethical and responsible attitude towards society and environment from the brands they buy from. Endorsing a charity or cause can help the influencer create a more meaningful relationship with his or her audience, and increase loyalty of their followers. This is where your nonprofit comes in.

influencer marketing nonprofits malaysiaFinding the right influencer, identifying areas of overlap, networking and building relationships… All of these are time consuming activities that used to be necessary for a nonprofit to leverage influencer marketing effectively for their cause. Incitement’s influencer marketing platform eliminates this hassle altogether.


Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits Made Easy

Influencers are in high demand. Brands and corporates are always seeking for ways to drive eyeballs to their products, and they are able to pay good money to the influencers to endorse their products. This makes it difficult for nonprofits to leverage influencer marketing, because influencers tend to favor paid product placement over free-of-charge charity endorsement. Because just like your nonprofit is always looking for new ways to raise donations, influencers are always looking for new ways to monetize their audiences and content.

What if there was an easy way for nonprofits to offer influencers the same compensation a corporate offers? Or even better what if the compensation a nonprofit can give an influencer for raising donations would be higher than any corporate could offer?! Do you think that, if a charity could pay an influencer more than a brand would, the influencer would then favor endorsing a charity over the brand? You bet they would! And Incitement’s Partner Platform does precisely that.

influencer marketing nonprofitOn Incitement’s brand-new Partner Platform, influencers can browse through the Malaysian charities they believe resonated with their audience, generate a unique referral link or embed widget, and easily promote their favourite charities their social media channels and websites and blogs. Each time they successfully raise a donation, they earn a 10% referral fee (which is much higher than most brands offer their influencers, making it extremely appealing to them!). If they promote your nonprofit but don’t raise any donations, you get to enjoy the additional awareness, but you don’t pay anything at all.

This influencer marketing platform for nonprofits is a risk-free, cost-free, and extremely scalable way to drive sustainable donation revenue for your nonprofit. Incitement handles all the tracking, reporting, payments, and influencer recruitment so that you can do what you do best: create a better society and environment for us all.

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Satisfied Charities Using Incitement’s Influencer Marketing Platform

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How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From This Influencer Marketing Platform


  • Raise donations with zero upfront marketing spend
  • Only pay for successful donations, no wastage of marketing dollars
  • No marketing budget? No problem! Influencers are rewarded per successful donation their raise
  • Tap into donors that are hard to reach (i.e. WhatsApp groups)
  • Compensate your volunteers or subscribers for fundraising for you
  • Raise awareness for your cause amongst millions

Influencer Marketing Is Perfect For Your Nonprofit If…


  • Your nonprofit wants to increase donation revenue
  • Your nonprofit is looking for new networks of donors
  • Your nonprofit needs more awareness and exposure
  • Your nonprofit can’t afford expensive advertising
  • Your nonprofit should be promoted by influencers, bloggers, website owners, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and more
  • Your nonprofit has a database of volunteers, supporters, or subscribers

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