Inpactor: A blockchain-based social network for brands, causes, and volunteers to create social impact

A CSR platform to create social impact in a reliable, measurable, and transparent way – with the right incentives for Brands, Causes, and Volunteers.

Inpactor is a new platform for the next generation of Corporate Social Responsibility. Inpactor brings Brands, Causes, and Volunteers together on a social media platform equipped with features and technologies to raise funds, volunteer, manage social projects, measure and report impact, and much more.

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Inpactor combines the best of many worlds.

It combines cutting-edge funding mechanisms, recruitment tools, branding perks, project management tools, impact measurement reports, and mashes it together in a social media-like platform with AI to drive engagement around issues that matter.

On Inpactor, Brands can easily browse, find, and fund social projects, and showcase their corporate responsibility on a public profile to build their brand’s reputation. Causes can create and list their projects, recruit volunteers, attract funds, use project management tools, and easily produce impact reports. Volunteers can join projects, collaborate in project management, list their involvement on their public profile. All within one and the same platform. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Inpactor will be powered by the blockchain, so that social impact can be created in a transparent and measurable way.

Inpactor is a new blockchain powered CSR platform connecting Brands to Causes to Volunteers, allowing them to easily create and implement CSR Projects, and earn incentives for their effort and performance.

Incitement has been implementing large-scale, multi-national CSR projects for 7 years, and Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for Incitement’s approach to CSR. Not only will it allow for the creation of more social impact, as it allows anyone to use the platform free of charge, it also allows for better and more consistent solution design for the stakeholders’ challenges.

This is Inpactor.

Inpactor is the result of seven years of implementing CSR Projects with Brands, government agencies, Causes, Volunteers, and beneficiaries, combined with hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in the same room with internal and external stakeholders, gaining understanding around their motives and challenges when doing social Projects. These learnings helped us envision an improved CSR landscape.

To gain immediate traction upon launch, Incitement’s current network of 4,471 Brands, 6,019 Causes, and 38,969 Volunteers will be on-boarded onto the Inpactor platform. Inpactor is currently being developed and is scheduled to launch mid June, 2018.

Inpactor is also the platform in which the CSR tokens will be integrated to address the aforementioned challenges.

Disclaimer: Version 1.0 of Inpactor will be launched mid-June, 2018


Use cases

The purpose of Inpactor is to solve the challenges Brands, Causes, and Volunteers encounter while working on CSR and social impact Projects, and provide the right incentives for each while they do so.

Here is an overview of the solutions Inpactor provides for Brands, Causes, and Volunteers within the platform.


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Attract customers

Research by Cone Research shows that 80% of consumers are likely to switch Brands, similar in quality and price, to one that support a Cause. A Brand’s Channel, which aggregates their social impact, is a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers.

Attract talent

Research by DeLoitte shows that 65% of millennials want their future employer to behave in an ethical manner. A Brand’s channel, which aggregates their social impact, is a powerful way to attract (and retain) talent.

Employee engagement

Rallying employees to participate in the Brand’s CSR initiatives is a time-consuming activity for the HR team. With Inpactor all a Brand has to do is shoot out a link to the team, after which the entire on-boarding process, distribution of roles, and further organisation can be easily done on the platform.

Meaningful branding

A Brand can screen a Project based on what kind of incentive is offered to allow the Brand to associate itself with the Project and Cause (a Brand can choose to opt out of Branding Perks, should they want their Project to be free of branding). In Inpactor this is called a ‘Branding Perk’.

Additional advertising channel

One of Inpactor’s revenue models is an interest-based advertising platform (more about this later in this paper). This opens up a new channel for Brands to advertise their goods and services amongst an audience of consumers whose purchase decisions are influenced by whether or not the Brand supports a cause.

Better Project management

A shared and congruent task management system within the Project will allow the Brand to get a quick grasp of the Project’s progress. The process of creating, publishing, and executing a Project is streamlined. This consistency allows for efficiency gains.

Efficiency gains

The platform will reduce the time taken to review many lengthy proposals from a wide variety of Causes, all sent in different formats, most requiring follow-up meetings and lengthy negotiations. Within Inpactor, a Project in line with the Brand’s values, strategic direction, and available resources is found within a matter of seconds by using filters to refine their search.


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Attract funds

On Inpactor, Causes will be able to better attract funds. Projects are always created in a way that provides clear and easy insight into key Project information, and published onto user news feeds to generate more exposure. Causes can also browse through and apply for grants on the platform.

Attract manpower

Similarly, attracting Volunteers for Projects is made easier for Causes. Published Projects on Inpactor will be served to relevant Volunteers on the platform, and make screening applicants simple.

More exposure

A Cause’s Channel aggregates their social impact and Projects, and will allow the Cause to build a portfolio. Many Causes struggle to present themselves, and often don’t have a website to visit. The Cause Channel will solve this issue without the price tag of website development and marketing costs.

Better Project management

Inpactor provides a Project Management tool that is specifically designed for the execution of social Projects and collaboration between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers.


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Easier accessibility

Volunteers are able to search for Projects, and customise their search so that they can find a suitable Project within minutes. Volunteers can review all of the information about the Project and Cause to find one that best suits them. They can also see who of their friends is participating in which Projects as well as each person’s volunteering portfolio.

Build online reputation

Much like how Stack Overflow is a developer’s most important online reputation indicator, Inpactor will be that for a Volunteer as it compiles their volunteering history. Volunteers will be able to export their experience to their other online profiles or PDF to showcase their work.

How Inpactor works

The Inpactor swimlane diagram gives a visual impression of how the Inpactor platform approaches the interaction between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers, and enables seamless collaboration to implement social Projects.

Although every user can create a Project on Inpactor, it is likely that in most cases the Project creator will be the Cause. We’ll consider that our entry point. The entire process is spread out over four phases.

Recruitment phase
Once a Cause publishes a Project, Brands and Volunteers can easily find and apply for Projects through an intuitive and familiar user experience.

Funding phase
Brands safely deposit funds to the Cause, in confidence that the funds will be used based on the Project breakdown.

Execution phase
Causes will prepare for the Project as required for execution; from branding perks to managing volunteers.

Completion phase
Cause publishes the Impact Report to disclose the Project results, and Brands, Causes and Volunteers will review respective performances.

Core features

A background and eligibility check to confirm the reputation of registered Causes. Verified Causes will receive a badge on their Channel and Projects. We are researching whether distributed consensus could be a solution to this.

Before a user can create a Project, they will have to create a Channel. This is because users require the ability to build a Project portfolio, hence an overarching Channel to include all of the user’s Projects.

Project creation
Any user who has a Channel can create a Project. The Project data, such as Project milestones, Project narrative, budget breakdown, Branding Perks, Volunteering roles, and PoI targets will serve the AI engine and populate on users’ Feeds.

Volunteer recruitment
A Volunteer recruitment panel is built into the platform. Causes can list detailed role descriptions and Volunteers have the ability to apply. The Cause can then review the application and Volunteer profile, and either reject or approve the application.

Budget breakdown
A full budget breakdown is provided upon Project creation to give the Brand as much transparency as possible into what their funds are spent on.

Branding Perks
To incentivise the Brand for providing funds, the Cause can create Branding Perks. Branding Perks are ways to generate brand exposure for the Brand within the Project, e.g. a blog post, a Project video, a press release, etc.

AI engine (Feed page)
Inpactor’s AI engine learns how users behave and what content is responded to best so that user experience is optimised throughout the platform. The Feed page is every user’s homepage, and will contain a social media-like Feed that is populated with content most suitable to the user.

Filters (Explore page)
Through a wide variety of filters on the Explore page, Brands and Volunteers can find exactly what they are looking for in a Project. Brands can filter Projects based on location, category, timeline, budget, available Branding Perks, number of Volunteers (for possible staff engagement), and more. Volunteers can filter Projects based on location, category, timeline, level of involvement, required skills, skills to learn, and more.

Project phasing
Projects go through four phases after creation; recruitment, funding, execution, and completion – these four phases are the life cycle of a Project. Breaking a Project down into different phases is done to not overwhelm the users.

Any user can message any other user, so long they are connected through the Project. This will especially make the funding process easier, as the Brand and Cause can solidify the Project in private. Brands can message the Cause before being approved for the Project should they need to request changes to suit the Brand’s funding requirements. Volunteers can only message the Cause once they have been approved for the Project.

Project Management
Inpactor contains a built-in, easy-to-use Project Management tool. The Cause can assign tasks to Volunteers (and even to the Brand), and they will receive both an email and platform notification.

Impact Reports
Measurability of Projects has been an ongoing issue in the industry. Inpactor will integrate its own impact measurement tool, Hourglass, into the platform, making measuring a key element of the Project and a factor for obtaining and maintaining a strong ranking.

Brands can create grants and publish these grants on their Channels. These grants will show up in the users’ Feed, prioritising Causes who have executed related Projects before. Users can directly apply for these grants, share the grant with a Cause, or recommend an organisation to the Brand with ease.

The platform will have a comprehensive notifications system to improve user experience, drive user engagement, and enable faster and better Project execution.

Administrator dashboard & user seats
Project creators can assign different user roles with different permissions to help them manage the Project.

Revenue streams

Fee on transactions

As a base revenue model, Inpactor is able to charge a fixed 5-10% fee on funding provided by Brands. This revenue model is similar to platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, whereby a fixed % fee is charged over funding provided via the platform.


Inpactor provides a familiar social media user experience similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing for smooth user adoption and platform usage.

We believe that a good way to grow a free-of-charge platform is by serving ads (in an ethical manner that is, of course). And much like any interest-based advertising platform, Inpactor allows for an ad platform.

We will ensure that latest best practices made available by the blockchain regarding privacy, security, and incentives for user contributions are incorporated, and we are currently in talks with potential partners for this to bring their technologies into the platform.

Premium subscriptions

The 3rd revenue model on Inpactor is premium subscriptions. Brands and Causes can unlock paid features that will enable them to use the platform more effectively. A few examples of paid features are listed below:

  • Browsing and inviting specific (skilled) Volunteers
  • Receiving notifications when a grant is published
  • Detailed Impact Reporting
  • Getting recommended for grants
  • Additional Branding Perks
  • Feature placements
  • Enhanced Brand search (for Causes) and enhanced Cause search (for Brands)

We envision a world in which every business acts on a social mission. And we invite everyone to help shape a generation of purpose beyond profit with us.

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