Lighting up 1,000 lives with Cummins and Liter of Light

Liter of Light with cummins

October and November were busy months for Liter of Light, thanks to Cummins‘ annual CSR initiative which targeted to lift up the lives of no less than 1,000 Orang Asli living in Peninsular Malaysia as well as in Borneo, East Malaysia. Here is an overview of the impact created by Cummins through Liter of Light Malaysia.

Cummins – Peninsular Build

Build: 19 October 2018
Installation: 27 October 2018
Villages: Kampung Batu 21, Cameron Highlands & Kampung Mentelong, Kuala Rompin

Cummins - Peninsular Build Liter of Light

Cummins and Liter of light
Cummins volunteers are installing solar powered lights

Cummins – Borneo Build

Build: 23 November 2018
Installation: 30 November 2018
Villages: Kg Nagga Cheling, Kanowit & Kg Serundung Laut, Tawau

Reaching the remote villages of Kampung Nagga Cheling and Kampung Serundung was a bit of a logistic challenge, as it involved taking a 2-hour boat ride to get to each of the villages. None of the 37 volunteers were discouraged by this, however, as they crossed the rivers to install a total of 120 solar powered lights in two villages.

Cummins Borneo build Liter of Light

Cummins and Liter of light build Borneo
Cummins volunteers checking the lights together with Liter of Light engineers

Cummins and Liter of Light – Impact 2018 

Cummins’ annual CSR initiative effectively lit up the lives of of 1,000 Malaysian who were previously living in darkness. Here’s an overview of the total impact created during four Liter of Light builds in both East- and West-Malaysia.

Total - Cummins with Liter of Light 2018Thank you Cummins for lighting up these villages through your company’s CSR initiative! Follow Cummins on Twitter or Facebook.

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