Recognising Entrepreneurial Zeal – Daniel de Gruijter @ GE Bootcamp 2018

This blog post is part 6 of a series of 7 posts, transcribed from a presentation by Daniel de Gruijter on business & entrepreneurship during the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018, titled: “Why you should f*ck up fast & often”. Watch the full presentation here:

During the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018, Incitement Cofounder & CEO, Daniel de Gruijter, shares 7 stories about ‘Why you should f*ck up fast & often’, and how each of those failures taught him valuable lessons on business, entrepreneurship, hiring, leadership, and more.

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When I was 13 years old I was a shoplifter. And I was good at it, too. Really good. I’m not proud of it. I was bored. I was a kid. I was stupid. I did all sorts of things stupid teenagers do. But even though it’s something I am not proud of, I don’t regret it either. I’m glad it happened as it shaped me and the person I am today.

I was so good at it that it became a side business. i used to go out to the supermarket and steal cigarettes and tobacco and sell it at school for half price. It was a perfect business model, really. Aside from its legal implications.

I went to the supermarket, to the cashier where all the cigarettes were placed, and then I would put cigarettes whatever pocket I could. I would then take it to school and sell it to people for 50%. I would make very good money.

Of course a terrible thing. You shouldn’t be stealing. It’s bad and unethical. But I am convinced that if somebody had come to me after I got arrested, told me this is absolutely wrong, punish me, yet see the entrepreneur in me it could have been turned into something productive. I was trying to earn some pocket money, that drive, that entrepreneurial zeal could’ve been turned to something healthy.

Entrepreneurial Zeal

Entrepreneurial zeal you can find it everywhere. In anything. Even in something as bad as shoplifting. Of course at the time I was too young to understand that. But now that I do, it has become one of the key characteristics I seek for when hiring someone.

It happen that you hire someone for a specific job and that job ceases to exist. If this person is not adaptable, or entrepreneurial, enough to see gaps and problems elsewhere in the company, that means this person has to leave. There is now way around that as the job this person was hired for no longer exists. It’s better to prevent this.

When we do our hiring, we look for entrepreneurial zeal in people, and we try to seek for signs that someone is versatile, adaptable, can cope with change, or better yet, can create change in the company.

Watch: Recognising Entrepreneurial Zeal

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Or watch the full presentation by Daniel de Gruijter on business & entrepreneurship during GE Bootcamp 2018 here:

Why you should f*ck up fast & often (

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