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Incorporating Blockchain to Scale Your Business

What are the scale killers for Corporate Social Responsibility and the humanitarian industry? And how is Incitement currently incorporating blockchain technology into its business? These are the questions Zikry Kholil answers during a panel session at BLOCFEST KL 2018, alongside Cris D. Tran, Ras Vasilisin and Violet Lim. Zikry shares…

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Using blockchain for Corporate Social Responsibility

There is incredible synergy between blockchain and social conscience. Among other things, Blockchain provides infallible traceability of records and notes from the origin to the destination or final recipient, often a nonprofit organisation or beneficiary. Thus, a correct application of this characteristic, applied within the CSR, provides the consumer with the tranquility and trust that…

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Don’t wait for governments to fix our problems – Iman Sedighi at Echelon 2018

“We shouldn’t wait for the government to fix our problems”, Iman says.   Usually behind the scenes, running Incitement’s technology team of 15 programmers, Incitement cofounder & CTO Iman Sedighi was invited to share the stage at one of Asia’s largest tech conferences organised by e27 – Echelon Asia Summit…

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