The World’s Toughest Job

There is one person in everyone’s life that is more important than any other. Yet, we often fail to show them our gratitude, recognition for their hard work or even a smile every now and then.

This person works harder than any other. And she is the most important, because without her, there would be no you. Yes, this person is your MUM.

Working 365 days, since the day you were born, for at least 18 years, but even after, she will not have a day without a thought about her baby. A mother teaches, nurtures, heals and so much more.

Yet when was the last time you told her that you love her? Or how much she means to you?

We tend to take her for granted and may even forget that she was the one who made us who we are today. For many, like me, she is the biggest influence, and so a game changer in her son’s or daughter’s life. She gives you opportunities by helping you learn specific skills, and she always does everything with her best intention.

So with Mother’s Day coming up, wouldn’t it be amazing to show her how much you care. No matter how old you are, there is always time to thank your mum. And she is worth a break in your busy schedule.

Make her a card, throw a surprise party or invite her out to dinner. Whether big or small, she will appreciate it – because it comes from YOU. She deserves just as much love from you, as she feels towards you, and Mother’s Day is just one day in the year on which you can officially show this to her.

However, this doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day is your only choice. Call her now, and tell her she’s amazing. Hug her if you can. You don’t need an official day to show her, for any day is an opportunity to do so.

This video really inspired me, and I thought that it was pretty accurate. Watch it, and you’ll know what I mean.

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