These Are The Most Charitable Countries In The World

You’ll never guess who comes out on top of the World Giving Index – a list that ranks over 130 countries to how charitable they are…

Most Charitable Countries In The World

Myanmar Is The Most Charitable Country In The World

Myanmar has improved on its joint second place reported in 2013, with an increase from 58% to 64% in the World Giving Index. As highlighted previously, Myanmar’s lead ranking is mainly due to an extraordinarily high incidence of donating money, which has seen a further uplift this year to stand at 91% from 85% reported in last year’s report.

Who would have thought that a developing country like Myanmar would lead this list. The country itself has a povery rate of 26% of the population, and in rural areas is almost 3 times as high, going up to 70%. Ranking on the #1 spot together with Myanmar is the US, followed by Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Malaysia 7th Most Charitable Country In The World

Malaysia has experienced a significant improvement across all three ways of giving, resulting in a 26 percentage point increase in its World Giving Index and a move from seventy-first place to seventh. This behavioural change is likely to reflect the humanitarian effort undertaken following Typhoon Haiyan in the neighbouring Philippine archipelago, and is in line with giving uplifts recorded following other natural disasters in China and Japan. It is encouraging that, regardless of geography or culture, people universally appear to respond to those in need.

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