Who is going to protect our children?

Nothing is scarier than knowing your children whom you dearly love, are being abused either physically or mentally. In some parts of the world, child abuse has yet to receive exposure. People know about it, people talk about it, people even feel scared about this issue. But that’s not enough to the protect kids who are going through it. Nothing is enough if there are still kids out there who cry themselves to sleep every night. Dreaming of a live that could be…

If you think being grounded by your parents during your teen days was a pain in the a**, think again. At the very least, you still have a parent who is protecting you. They grounded you ONLY because they love you. And that is what being a parent is all about.

Have you ever been on the other side of the road, where your childhood years were your scariest nightmare? Then you can definitely relate to this article. Nothing can change what has happened. But if you have been through this, then you are the best person to help others escape this terrifying cycle.

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Knowing all these cases, something has to be done. We need to address this issue. We should not only talk about it but we should be proactive in solving this issue. There’s always something that we can do to poke this issue out from its bubble.

Recently, Malaysia’s local journalists from RAGE have taken a step further. They hunt down pedophiles in Malaysia and the result was overwhelming. People started to confess about their own experience on this issue. And today, the RAGE team is working on a pledge to push the lawmaker in making laws against sexual grooming. This is what we need to protect our innocent children and give them a promising future.

“Although the amount of child brides has decreased over the past 30 years or so, in several regions of the world, child marriage is still a challenge to tackle. Especially when those marriages are not registered.” – Unicef

Other than pedophiles cases, kids are also victims of other abuse than child marriage. Despite having their family with them. Shockingly, not all kids that went through this are facing financial problems. Two months ago, Seventeen magazine wrote an article about children being unprotected from early marriage. Stories of three girls who got married as early as 13 years old. Right after their puberty hits. For those girls, their lives are nothing but a living doll. Except, a doll is treated better compared to what these girls deserve. They have nothing to hang on to. Everything went upside down for a period of time. And all they have is their inner strength, just enough to bare the excruciating mental and physical pain – every single day. Given the right help, they are now free and chasing their dreams to change other children’s lives.

protecting our children, an event by Incitement

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Due to this alarming issue, Incitement Kuala Lumpur will be addressing this topic this December. Experts on this issue are invited to elaborate more on children’s rights. They will share their experiences in dealing with kids that have been through tough times.

Let us unite and help the children around the world to live a normal life. We might not be able to change their life immediately but small steps count. Join us this December to save one child’s life at a time.

Incitement Kuala Lumpur presents “Who is going to protect our children?”. RSVP your seats today and you might change a kid’s life. Incitement KL is opening a seat for you to be part of the speakers line up together with two of the biggest names in this industry. This is your chance to be an Incitement KL speaker! Grab this golden opportunity and book your Incitement Kuala Lumpur tickets now as part of your social contribution to the community.

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